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The Vorombe Titian, also known as the elephant bird was the largest bird to ever exist and was native to the island of Madagascar. At ten feet tall and half a ton, nearly five times heavier than an ostrich, it was massive. Not only was it the largest bird to ever exist, but also the largest creature to have lived in Madagascar for millions of years. Ark doesn't have many birds, and those that are flightless typically aren't very large. The addition of the elephant bird would add to the avian roster while also providing a giant new traveling companion full of abilities to make a fine addition to the game.


-Standard kick that causes bleed damage with its large talons; this attack has the added benefit of temporarily stunning smaller creatures up to the size of a raptor or saber

-Great weight-carrying abilities(important for later attacks)

-Peck(default attack)

-Incubating abilities, when placed near eggs the elephant bird will warm them up and act as a living egg incubator

-Able to scale elevated surfaces utilizing its huge claws similar to the ovis

-Provides insulation to the rider

-Kicking rocks will collect flint as the clawed feet can scrape off materials

-Fast movement speed, decent stamina, and surprising bulk given its size

-Special ability: Large bird species today tend to swallow rocks and stones to help grind up the food they eat. I think it is an interesting ability to be able to passively feed a tamed bird stones that it collects during its flint gathering. Once it eats enough stones it will gain the ability to perform a new attack, that being the ability to spew out the digested rocks at attackers like a living slingshot. The resulting stones being spat out can cause heavy topor and temporarily blind attackers.

-The topor caused by spewed stones could in theory be used to knock out creatures in the same manner slingshots are used, just on a much more effective level making the elephant bird an effective taming partner

Taming method: As the real-life birds nested on the ground it only makes sense for their Ark counterparts to do the same. Eggs can either be collected from nests, or grown birds can be passively tamed using stones. While being a passive creature, if attacked, disturbed, or robbed of its eggs the bird will attack.

Size: Fitting to its name, this bird would be very large in the game. Undoubtedly Ark's largest bird, towering over the argent with its neck raised high. In real life, it was about ten feet tall and over 1,000 pounds. I believe approaching near allo height is adequate. Its neck while long and elegant should connect with a rounded but powerfully built body, less of what you see with the dodo or terror bird in-game and more in line with what you'd see in an ostrich or artist's depictions of it shown below. This would make it much larger than the argent, and nearly three times taller than the terror bird, currently Ark's largest flightless bird.

Appearance: Large and covered in a thick coat of rough plumage, similar to what you'd see in an emu or cassowary. 

Eggs: The elephant bird layed some of the largest eggs of any creature, and I believe the eggs whether fertilized or not should be useful. They can be used in replacement for any eggs for the higher tiers of kibble, and besides providing massive nourishment for survivors is also a preferred food for many carnivores, acting on a scale similar to prime meat or mutton.

Other notes: Drop's feathers(pelt), meat, and raw prime meat when killed, require a saddle to be ridden, spawns near beaches and on the outskirts of jungles, etc.



The Elephant Bird ( Vorombe titan) was the world's heaviest bird, at a  weight of 730kg and a height of 3m and a close relative of the tiny Kiwi of  New Zealand (

Vorombe titan: Researchers Name World's Largest Ever Bird | Paleontology |  Sci-News.com

vorombe | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumpik

Elephant bird egg (left) vs ostrich egg and hummingbird egg :  r/Naturewasmetal

The Elephant Bird | Amusing Planet

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