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Creature Submission Guidelines



Are you a fan of prehistoric creatures and ARK? Great news! We're excited to announce that we're adding another creature to ARK, and we want your help in deciding what to add!

We're inviting the community to submit their own creature designs, including their abilities, appearance, and how they fit in the game. We'll be considering all submissions, so don't hesitate to use references and Wikipedia links to support your proposal. It's time to let your imagination run wild and bring your favorite creatures to life in ARK!


  • One thread per creature
    • If someone has already made a thread with your creature suggestion, feel free to upvote the thread and post your own ideas and thoughts into that existing thread
  • Must be a real-world extinct/prehistoric creature (dinosaurs, mammals, reptiles, etc)
  • Developers are disqualified from posting their own ideas
  • Supplemental information (wiki links, images, art) is preferred.

 The Top 10 creatures will be selected from the top 10 upvoted creatures for a second round of voting using RankedVote.


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