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2 hours ago, Zeblamar said:

Play on PS4 but trying it out on PC. I was wondering what mods people would consider must have? Or if not must have ones that most consider improve the game play. I will be starting off in single player

This may sound cliche, but there really aren't any must-have mods, it depends on what parts of the game you like or dislike, or want to change for your own aesthetic reasons.

We can certainly tell you what mods we're using when we play, but it would help if you give us an idea of what you like/hate/want - are you someone who likes building a lot, do you want to make your game look different with skins, or maybe a steampunk feel, do you want to automate processes like picking up poop and eggs, do you want the flying experience to feel different? There are so many mods that do so many things it would help to know what you're looking for.


On my private server for my friends and me, we use the following:

   Structures Plus (S+)

   Upgrade Station v1.8i

   Super Spyglass (Open Source)

   JP's ArkNav GPS HUD

   CKF Remastered

   Immersive Flight (Reborn) (edited)

   We have also, at various times, used some of Eco's mods, which give you buildings & skins from specific cultures, on our current map we're using eco's Empires – Tokugawa.


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