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PGARKs further development?

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PGARKS was an experience I was looking for since  i first saw this game. Sadly when it became avaliable to players it wasnt really playable . After years away I've came back to check genesis, valguero, crystal isles and fjordur and having alot of fun, now on the xbox game pass instead of steam ( much better pve comunity tbh). For my surprise pgark got very nice improvments , it dosent take as long as it used to take to generate maps and  it creates actually playable maps with at least the basic needed resourcers without too much tweeaking .

As the ship is sailing to ARK 2 it would be nice to have that system in a better shape for those who would eventually remain in ark1. Would be nice to have PGMAPs when we get bored of the last maps released on ARK 1, it still misses some stuff,  in special a better ingame UI configuration system instead of relying on " .ini "  filies but also some functionalities such as terminals and some biomes.

Is there any plans to develop it further or we are set on the current state?

Cheers, excited for ARK2 anyway.

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