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  1. Dont think you got what I said. I just gave examples of stuff done in the current game without introducing a higher tier of techonology. The same solution could be applied to any in game tech if needed/wanted. For ARK2 if they wanted what you asked for WC could just tweak some numbers 😃 . As I said before, stop thinking about ark 2 as it's ARK1 without TEK tier or first person. It is a sequel not a DLC, everything is possible.
  2. All I would ask is please Freeze decay timers while we are locked out.
  3. PVE wise I hear and read a lot people saying that the most fun part of Ark is the beginning and when a new map is released. I guess its due to taming and the seek for the ideal breeding creatures alongside many other active roles that the player usually play only once on the beginning. I'm pretty sure people likes the rewards that breeding can give, the hunt for good stat creatures but not the breeding process of babysitting. My suggestion is trying to make breeding a more horizontal progression with vertical results while also making it a more active experience by increasing the amount of tamings player would have to do and reducing the amount of babysitting. On the example instead of pushing new mutations on top of a Wild Stat making it a vertical progression, player would have to hunt for different attributes that combined composes the melee stat, having a horizontal progression with results that will pile up in a vertical way. But yeah, the main take of is making the breeding process a more active role.
  4. I would ask for more taming and less breeding on ark 2. Breeding is pretty much a passive time consuming process with little to no active gameplay. Its pretty similar to mindless dailies on a MMORPG. There is no real challenge to it asides from the grind itself . I wont ask for removing it but to make it a more active process aligned to other fun activities in the game and less about investing time in a simple repetitive activity that becomes a job over time. Maybe instead of pushing an RNG system for a chance of mutations on the right stats in a very passive process of feeding creatures while waiting it to grow up to breed it again. How about having to hunt down and tame different specimens of the same creature to try combining it later with other ones for a better breed? Pretty much breeding before mutations. Players could need to combine a rex that have good theet with a rex that have stronger bite muscles to have the ultimate biting rex(decomposing the melee stat in multiple variables). Thats one suggestion but could be another solution. What I'm asking is for breeding to be a more active/dynamic gameplay that entertains the player better than rolling dices and hoping for getting lucky on mutations. Taming could fit that role .
  5. ZulunSurvives

    Price Ark 2

    Nah. Ark was pretty cheap even for its time, lower than avarage games used to be. We sill need to know what buisiness model they are planning for it.
  6. Xbox Genesis 1 NA PVE- 1332 Was running from some sea creatures when entered a hole in the ocean biome to escape, got antimeshed.
  7. Just hope its roar is intimidating as Rex's roar or even more. Yuty's roar is a pitty compared to it even being the roaring specialist. For the tame i hope its differnet but not as differents as Andrews and giant turtles.
  8. They said we would have NPCs that have tames and hunts players down( correct me if I understood it wrong). Hoping for more sutff like this. Would be nice to have NPCs raiding your base, creatures acting like packs. Nomad creatures, night/day cycle habits, sutff that makes creatures more alive. Deeper weather system, something more signifcant such as scorched earth and gen "events" like volcano eruption and underwater whirlpool ( maybe not as punishing) but meaninful to also make the world more alive along the more complex creatures behaviour.
  9. Funny how you guys talks about ARK2 as if it is exact same game as ARK1 but with tek and First person stripped away. Guys, its a new game, not a new map or a dlc, or so I believe( looking at Atlas). They could easly add every single Ark 1 system without touching TEK, including crypods system. On the current game we got a creature version for almost every Tech added to the game. Need a fridge? Got hyenas. Need an AC? Got Dimetrodon. Need a forge? Got Magmasaurs. Need turrets? Got velonas, golens, chalico, etc. They could do the same thing to the missing systems such as Crypods, but still we are looking to a NEW game for ark2, with new rules, values and points of interest. Its pointless to discuss ingame systems if we havent seen anything on it yet. We dont know how different everything will be or how meaningful something was in ARK1 that isnt anymore in ARK2. All we got right now is aesthetics and theme intentions.
  10. Good portion of the PVE NA Xbox cluster is down, no SE or Island map avaliable, only one gen1 left, and im sure lot of others are down too. Any official statement on it?
  11. I guess OP is more likely talking about Starting at Fjordur as it still got the new map restrictions. My best advice is to stay away from any new map. As exciting a new map could be, the issues are way worse IMO. - Too much lag due to servers load and all exploiters being there. - Pillars everywhere and people building over important resourcers. No room for traps, so taming goes wild mode, thank WC we have Harpoon nets that makes it tolerable - Be ready to deal with trolls, as everyone are there so they are. The map will still be there later, dont rush it unless exploring the new map is the only thing left for you to do in the game.
  12. I guess they need to release gameplay footage ASAP or fear of the unknow will keep growing and growing and more posts like this will pop up. They should have shown the new systems and mechancis before talking about their plans of removing stuff. In the way they did it, all we got is the feeling that we just lost something over the promise of a change in the playstyle that few asked for. I'm pretty sure that if we were teased with the good stuff showing how it fits/needs third person gameplay our community would be much more open to it. Anyway we still got Ark 1 and could just stay there if 2 its not that great, right? Let the new be really new. I'm pretty sure modders could keep Ark1 alive for a very long term. Just hope it really feels like a new and evolved game instead of giant total conversion for the base game like Atlas and Dark & Light felt like.
  13. Maewings, striders, shadowmanes, Skkifs, harpoon nets.... Yeah. Funny how maewings are a way to bypass their own no fly rules on some maps. Gen2 trew ark's balance and their earlier efforts with TLCs on the trash can , from utility to combat. Now everything is just an step on your way until you get to those folks. Hoping for a more horizontal balance for ark2.
  14. If you used anything else that is not a megatherium for broodmother, whatever you used there will be viable for mega.
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