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pvp The Spirits of Idora RP! A Brand new high fantasy RP server launching Friday Jul

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The Spirits of Idora RP! A Brand new high fantasy RP server launching Friday July 29th!

We are a high fantasy medieval RP server that's primary focus is roleplay. We have worked hard to create a unique world with each part of the map having its own lore. We have customized our ark world to ensure a unique roleplay experience will be had by all!

The world of Idora is overseen by spirits. These spirits will often appear in RP and you can pick which spirit you'd like to worship when you apply. Each spirit has a shrine somewhere in the world and the spirits will regularly set you quests to prove your loyalty and belief.

**Why is The Spirits of Idora special and why should I join?**

**Lore** - We have one of the most detailed and thought out lore for our world and spirits than any other server.

**Unique and personal RP with our spirits** - The spirits from our lore will have a presence in the world and there is every chance you will run into one, or have one visit you.

**Weekly quests** - There will be weekly and progressive quests set by the spirit you worship, with special gifts to be rewarded with.

**A robust class system** - We have given each profession its own lore! Our professions are specially designed to promote RP, you can pick 2 out of 8 professions for your character.

**An amazing mod list** - Our mods enhance RP potential dramatically. We have some amazing weapons, decor, structure and animal mods.

**A wide variety of animals to tame** - Tired of just having regular dinos to tame? We have Crystal isles dino addition, Marnii Wildlife, and Marnii horses. So many creatures with amazing potential. Most have been enhanced with the Krakens better dino mod!

**A unique building tier system** - Ever wanted your own land and set your own rules? Now you can!

We have implemented a building tier system that unlocks as you progress in the server when you meet specific requirements. Each new tier comes with its own perks!

**Custom races** - We have created a multitude of custom races each with buffs, debuffs and specific wild animal immunities. You can also make your character look like your race with the cosplay mirror!

**Server rates:**

XP- x3

Harvesting - x5

Taming - Immersive taming

Maturation - x15

Breed interval (time between breeding) - 0.15

Our mod list is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2838803118

Come and join our discord at: https://discord.gg/V8cPSwTQCD

We have an amazing and helpful community and we would love if you would come and be a part of it!

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