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  1. Deira's Kingdoms RP is a high fantasy and magical server set in the new Lost Island map where mythical beasts roam the land and strong magic is wielded. We have removed most of the “Dinosaurs'' to make a more realistic and unique LOTR/DND type world. Don't worry though there are plenty of animals to tame with the Shads atlas imports and Crystal Isles dino mods! Some awesome things our server offers: - Two pre-built castles as a main focus for each kingdom. - Map split in two sections one for each kingdom, this should bring some good conflict RP. - Elemental magic that you c
  2. Idora RP: New Beginnings! Idora is starting season 2 on Saturday 4th September after a successful season 1! Idora is set on the beautiful Valguero map and we have disabled the taming of flyers to give a much more unique experience. We have a well written lore that really sets the stage for some amazing RP, check it out on our discord! We cater to veteran and beginner RPers and we have a very friendly and helpful community if you have any questions! Some plus points of our serv
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