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Deep Dive into the Federation Arsenal Shotgun as im Calling it

The weapon is the most powerful weapon in the federation military and was used during the Element war. What the gun lacks in distance it makes up for in is ability to shredd enemys to pieces

Uses Incendiary Ammo: Using Red Element which is made in a chemisty table using element dust, spark powder and sulfur and does 50 to 200 points of damage depending on level and can hit up to ten enemies at once and can fire up to 20 rounds before reload.

Similar to the phase pistol the gun has three firing modes

Scattershot: Default wide blast

Compressed Blow: Focusses the blast and lowers the radius increases the damage but lowers clip capacity by 50%

Thermite Grenade: Uses one Full Red Element to shoot a incendiary Explosive

Like the tek bow Double Tap X to switch modes and Tap Once for reload

Let me know what you think



To the moderators.....Can you delete this?




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