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Hello everyone I’m new to the community.


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Hello everyone I’m new to the community and I’ve been playing ark Moblie for a long while and watched a tone of vids on what I need to know about the game, as far as I am it’s enjoyable especially when I had my first Giganotosauraus encounter while collecting obsidianwgile ridding on my T-Rex.


Buckley, it didn’t spot me since I was a distance away from me I was extremely close to almost getting detected but luckily I didn’t get too close but other then that this game is by far my favorite compared to playing ther games in the plat like PUBG or COD in such.


anyways I’m glad to be here.

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hello millennialgamer i am also very glad i can talk to someone.

I am in school so i have exams so my parents said if i got good marks on my exams they will buy me ark survival pack from steam and i really did well so ark survival evolved abberation here I come also i played on mobile to get a feel and it was amazing.

I got 2 parasaurs and i love them also i tried to get an argeventatis but my mobile died and i lost my progress.

But still a good game and i am really excited.

Also lets talk a lot so we can get out of early bird because i want to vote in some forums.


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