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Submitting a Bug Report: New Process Enhancement


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In an effort to consolidate all the useful information from the community, we've made some changes to our bug reports section.  Console and PC players will now use the same bug reporting process.  Instead of relying on multiple sources to identify bugs, the QA team can focus their efforts on one consolidated, well-maintained source.

When reporting a bug it's very helpful to our QA team to include a repro (the steps required to reproduce the bug). With a detailed step-by-step instruction the person investigating will understand how to reproduce the issue. Listed steps should be as detailed as needed but also as simple as possible. Ideally, your bug should be reproducible. It's great if your steps are robust enough to reproduce the bug without any ambiguity. If it's not reproducible every time you can still file a bug mentioning the periodic nature of the bug.

Additionally supporting information like video evidence, is often needed to take action on your request.  Take a look at our guide on submitting video evidence when creating a support ticket.

Bug Reports: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/bugs/

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