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Shadowmanes at green biome on Gen2???

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today i was out in the wild taming megatheriums....

you know, usual stuff.

but then a message of my maewing getting killed by a shadow mane appeared(lvl 300 btw).So i ran to my base and saw corpses of my 3 maewings and 2 of my stryders was badly hurt. is it possible that a lvl300 shadowmane can spawn in geeen biome or someone lured it to my base?

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I have heard something about Noglins being able to turn tames back into wild creatures after controlling them. I may be wrong on this but perhaps someone tamed them, cryo'd them and released near your base and used a Noglin on them to make them wild again. 


Matter of fact, i might try this out on my annoying neighbor and see if this method works :^]



Edit: didn't read the level 300 part at first, most likely from misson as other's stated 

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