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Dedicated Server: Map change not working

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Hey Folks

I tried to run a Dedicated Server on my second PC. Server is starting well and I am able to join from my other PC. Only problem I have is that the server always starts with the map Scorched earth... no matter what I do, if I click on The Island and start dedicated server, or if I select ragnarok and start dedicated server, it always runs scorched earth... am I missing something? 


I am using Windows 10 Microsoft store version of Ark.


Thanks in advance

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Just now, SpaceCowboy3141 said:

Try this: 

On the dedicated server, start a single player game on the map you'd like to play. Once it's loaded up, exit the game and then try to host that map.


Damn bro you are everywhere.😊😊 with your answers to my other post, I was looking through the ini files a little more, and I found the section "Player.Info", and below that, lasthostedmap. If I delete the player.info section in the ini before starting ark, I can choosed another map.😊👌

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5 minutes ago, SpaceCowboy3141 said:

You got it!

That was the more complicated answer, seems you're really getting the hang of this now.

Yeah, seems like one has to get deeper into this to get the full advantages of this game.😊👌 i am actually really interested to dive deeper into things, but sometimes I don't find time or motivation, because yeah, actually I do the pretty same things at work the whole day😅

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Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place, but I am having issues finding an answer through google searches, and browsing the site here. 


What's essentially happening is that when I attempt to load a server (Windows 10 Store Version of ARK) it will only load Valguero. I have the most recent update to ARK, but when I try to select another map, it comes up with the strict NAT type message, then automatically swaps it back to Valguero when I click accept. I am trying to start a server with the Crystal Isles map, and it just keeps reverting. I attempted to try to launch one with The Island, and it does the same thing. So I don't believe it's an issue with the core file. I have this happening on both a desktop PC and a laptop. Can't seem to find any answers, and just hoping to see if anything has an idea? 



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Actually, I just found a resolution. It's not ideal, and I am not sure if anyone else is even having an issue, but it appears that to be able to swap the maps, I have to open up the Local App Data folder, get into the packages folder, find the Wildcards server that is created, make sure the game is shut down, and create a back up of that, this allows a refreshed version of the server to be formed when creating a new map, and it appears that I'll just have to hot swap the maps rather than being able to change them in the GUI - I hope this helps anyone else who runs into this issue. 

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I've seen a couple of different ways to fix this issue that should be simpler for you:

1) Try loading up the desired map in single player, exit, then try to host.
2) Switch the game type to Primitive Plus, load the desired map in single player, exit, switch the game mode back to Normal, then host your map.
3) Open this location in File Explorer:


Open the GameUserSettings.ini file > Scroll down to or search for: LastHostedMapPlayed=. You can either erase the listed map or change it to the map desired > Save the file > launch ark and host your game.

Hope this helps!

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