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  1. Genesis Crossplay Win 10 & Xbox I host a server on PC (Win 10 version, not Steam) and i've purchased the Genesis Season Pass. To clarify, there are currently 2 season passes, 1 for Xbox and 1 for "PC" (Windows 10 version), and in their descriptions, neither says it's compatible with the other. The season pass i have is for Xbox and it is installed and working just fine. When i sign in on PC, i'm prompted to download the Genesis DLC when trying to launch from the Ark menu. The prompt takes me to the Windows store to purchase the PC version of the Pass. In the past, Ark has been a Play Anywhere Title, meaning i can purchase the game or DLC from my Xbox or the Microsoft Store on PC and download/play/host from either device with a single purchase. With this in mind i have a few questions and my hope is that someone from Wildcard can answer them for me: 1. Is Ark Genesis still Play Anywhere, can Xbox and PC (Win 10) players still crossplay together? 2. If they are still compatible, is it intentional that we have to buy the Season Pass on both platforms? Please answer with as much detail/explanation as you can. I look forward to any information that anyone can provide and Thank You to those who take the time to respond.
  2. No, you're not alone! Hyped for Upside down sloped walls!
  3. Server Name: SpaceCowboy3141 Map: Valguero Long Term Custom Server on Valguero PVP (No offline Raid Protection) Experience: 3x (No insta-level here) Taming: 15x (fast but still no insta-tames) Max Player Level: 530 (with ascension) Level your Dinos 300 times instead of 73 Difficulty: 10x (10, 20, 30, 40...300) Stacks: most items stack to 10,000, except bullets/ammo which have varying increased stack sizes. Breeding: EggHatchSpeed: 100x MaturationSpeed: 220x CuddleInterval: .00877 (most things can imprint to 100%) MatingInterval: 0.1x (10 times faster) HarvestingRates: Customized per resource, varies from 5, to 15x Slightly buffed Character stats, greatly increased Weight for players and dinos alike. How to Join? Server is hosted 24/7 by the gamertag: SpaceCowboy3141 (in the Dedicated Servers section) If you cannot find the server in the join listings, then send a friend invite to SpaceCowboy3141 and once accepted, you will be able to "Join Game" thorough your friends list at any time.
  4. The default location for editable Ark files on the Win 10 version is: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Packages\StudioWildcard.4558480580BB9_1w2mm55455e38\LocalState\Saved I have my backups set to for the entire StudioWildcard folder just incase. There are also additional StudioWildcard folders if you've purchased and installed any of the DLC's. These contain content for those maps, but i don't include them in my backups as all server information is saved in the above location.
  5. When i restored my server, i restored the entire save folder and i did replace the existing files before clicking "Run Dedicated Server". I remember having this same issue when Abberation was released and this was the same work around for me then. If for any reason my solution isn't working for you, please give Kyle's solution a try. I'm sure one or the other will get you back on your feet.
  6. Win 10 Solution I know this isn't going to help everyone, but hopefully it can help some peeps running private Win 10 dedicated servers. I run my own private server on my own hardware and i had this same thing happen, shut the server down to make some minor tweeks and all structures and tames were gone after i loaded it back up again. I (fortunately) have automated backups that run every 30 minutes for scenarios just like this. If anyone reading this backs up their Ark data, you can launch the Game and go to your server settings page where you launch the dedicated server. It is at this stage that the game data is being erased, all you need to do now is restore the backup data to the original file location and launch your server and all of your structures and tames will still be there. I've already done this on my server and it works. Hope this helps a few people and sorry for those that lost everything, but look at it as an opportunity to rebuild bigger and better!
  7. Hi, i run my own dedicated server on the Windows 10 Crosplay platform. I've already extensively customized my server through both .ini files and i came across your comments on adding mods by repackaging the game files. I am extremely interested in learning how you were able to add the "Classic Flier" mod and others to your server. If you don't mind providing some detailed instructions for me, i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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      Ditto for me. 

  8. This is a great idea for additional content. Tek Bow with specialized arrow types. One example could be a tether arrow: you shoot a wild dino with it and then anchor it to the ground to keep it from running away (or into water), it would the the tek tier bola that works on any sized dino.
  9. I like this idea. It would be a great option for private servers to be able to enable this via the game.ini file. Also, can we expect additional S+ content to make it's way into the game after this update is officially released?
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