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Xbox player Looking for PVE Server I love building stuff.


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I am an adult player who plays on xbox one has a working mic and access to discord who likes nothing more than building. I used to play in a friends unofficial server he gave me admin menu and let me build without having to grind and I am looking for more of the same. I love building and being creative I am not really too bothered what map I Play on I have played on Island and Ragnarock and Crystal Isles. though access to wyverns for my next build would be awesome it would make my next build even better. 

I rather avoid the whole PVP thing I am happy simply taming dinos and building bases here are two of my best builds. 


My 1st ever build 100% pure grinding no aid what so ever just me and my Dinos.



youtuber and ark builder the shwigit show featured one of my builds on their channel and built a whole base off my build

My friend was so impressed with this build he was curious what I could make with admin command cheat menu so I didnt have to grind for any materials and this is what I built 



Thank you Evil Wolf 

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I am interested would you be willing to let me access admin command? it would enable me to build faster by spawning in materials instead of grinding though not essential my Base building location on the island would be around 70/40 I used to play the island with friends and then rag and then they closed down the server. My Gamer Tag is Evil Wolf Snipe and I have a working mic and if need be I have access to discord I love to play ARK. and I love to build. what I plan on building next is going to be awesome it will be built faster if I didnt have to grind for stone and metal but thats your call. 

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