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Hello! Are you looking for a new way to play ARK? A way where you can experience the game in an immersive RPG-like style? With a ton of creative features to keep you busy during quarantine? Well you may have found a good match. The Island of Illeriym server is all of this and more. Our server hosts a multitude of features designed to fully immerse players in the game and set up a rewarding, yet challenging way to play ARK.


Create your character in the world of Ethia from six original races, and travel to the Island of Illeriym as you uncover the secrets of the world and crystal mark that now makes you immortal. Make friends along the way as you survive the islands newly reworked creature spawns, open up your own shop and take advantage of the player-based economy, or enjoy a multitude of radiant and story quests on a monthly basis.

You could even become a hunter and stalk the creatures of the Island, and as you collect your unique spoils, use them to craft weapons, armors, and tools in a re-worked, RPG inspired crafting system. If hunting isn’t your game, why not go out and tame a herd/pack of newly re-vamped creatures? All of the Island’s animals have been tweaked and altered, and creatures once thought useless before like Dilos, Gallis, Pachies, Turtles and more can now comfortably fill in their own unique niches for your taming list. 


Watch as the very weather changes around you, as you experience our server’s unique seasonal system! Tame more dangerous creatures faster as the Dry season sets in, or curate a massive garden as the Wet season comes to visit. And be sure to reap the boosted harvest amounts in the Bloom season as well! These settings and more all change monthly depending on the current in-game season, but that’s not all the seasons have to offer. Once a month, experience events unique to each season such as creatures booming in population after a mating spree, alpha predators coming out more frequently to hunt, or even a herd migration as a species travels across the map for a season.


With all these features and more, The Island of Illeriym hopes to prove itself as a fun way to spend your free time. We hope to see you there! 


Additional Information:

-PS4 Server

-Roleplay Orientated

-Nitrado Hosted

-Map: Ragnarok

-Non Prim Plus

- https://discord.com/invite/RPuQpbb

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