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Steam name: G3T_T1LTED                        -Discord: JaymePee#0944 (exact spelling)

Time zone: US EASTERN                          -Age: Level 29

Experience in ark: Around 5k total hours -How active can I be: Most days I can play an hour or two ,a few days a week Ill no life it lol

What kind of player am I: As long as I get to breed dinos I don't mind grinding or taming -I MUST BE ABLE TO PVP 

What makes me the best choice: Many reasons. That feeling in your gut that I am awesome ,to start with. I bred for TPG to have safe harbor on one of their servers until I refused to join them and got wiped. (Which is also part of why I quit for so long. Soloing this game sucks) So I can breed decent war mounts, given things have changed so I will need to adjust to any changes since I left. Also I am a heavy pvper (Pending learning new changes) I've been on server wars with TPG several times so I've seen big battles and rode most every mount in the game. I can solo tame a giga ,if I have to --even though Id rather not! Also ,I'm sarcastic and funny so imo thats a plus.

I prefer to play on Extinction server ,but will play anywhere. I have all DLC but I don't know the abberation map or S.E map very well.

For real though ,I'm mostly just trying to find a tribe to get into the game with who isn't huge and going to make the game less fun to play. It is a game ,after all.
I don't mind going through a trial or whatever to prove loyalty ,I get it.
Hit me up if you wanna have fun.

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