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Classic PVP

About This Tribe

We are a tribe that is looking for players looking to enjoy the game with others. Our core group has been playing games together in one form or another for years, so we have a mutual respect policy for our team, and strive to be graceful in victory or defeat. We regularly have contests for tribe members to compete in with prizes, and generally strive to create a fun environment. Direct PM me and I will get you the details. Cheers,


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  2. baronbowden

    Would like to join

    Hey sorry, been terrible at checking the forums. Free time I am trying to stay in game! I check discord daily though! BaronBowden#7588 Will get you details if you havnt found a home!
  3. Guys, sorry sometimes work slams me, and my second in command didnt keep up with forum activity. We are still very much active, it is WAY better to just direct msg me on discord for details! Cheers, BaronBowden#7588
  4. baronbowden

    Looking for people to play with

    Heya, sorry I havnt been more up on the forums. Real work called me away and my second in command wasnt a forums guy! Tried your discord but it didnt work. Feel free to add me at BaronBowden#7588
  5. axis57

    Request to Join

    Hey, requesting to join the tribe. Me and a couple friends of mine who are fairly experienced but not hardcore players. We're just tired of slogging it out as a three man tribe. We're willing to do the work we just want the extra security of a mid sized tribe. Thanks.
  6. hi everybody i am 17 and want to play with people on pc. I have over 100 hours on ps4 but would like to get into the pc version so if anyone wants to join me with a fresh start on a official or unofficial server hit me up. By the way i have all the dlcs. My discord id is Thealmightybean#1241
  7. o0Red0o

    6man tribe

    Conquest isnt a thing anymore and the owner here never responds to anyone. I am going to go play 6man, Chowder#6914 is my discord if anyone 21+ with 1k+ hours wants to join me on PC
  8. Magus555

    Request to join

    I have 152 hours on ARK and i'm fairly new to tribes. After a while it gets boring to play by myself since my friend doesn't play much anymore, so I was hoping to join the tribe and play with a team. By the way which server do we join?
  9. Anarchy55

    Would like to join

    I'm 21, play often. Have 1k hours on xbox, on my PC around 800. Only ever been in a few tribes. Would love to join just let me know and how. Having trouble finding it haha.
  10. TrillianTrunk

    join Request

    Im 17 years old and have very good experiens with ark, i havent been in a big tribe on pc(cinda new to pc) and i have over 1500+ houers on ps4. I play very often and like grinding. Discord: TrillianTrunk#8677
  11. robomonkey222

    Request to join

    Hey Id love to join you guys! Ive got 1500 hours and Im easy to work with
  12. Roff

    Join request

    Hey, my name is Roff and I am playing on a level 93 account on conquest. I have some tek stuff unlocked and I have over 1000 hours in Ark. I am a very loyal tribe member and I am a good builder. I am very interested in joining. Please reply with your discord name and tag because I have problems with finding mine. Thanks!
  13. Ripperr

    Looking to join

    Title says it all. I’m a long time player of ark who took a break a couple months back. Ran a tribe with 10 others before we got burnt out and ended up getting wiped. Nonetheless I want to get back into it and I since none of them play anymore I am in a predicament. Knowing how hard it is to be solo on an official server I am here in search of a tribe looking for new members. Preferably a tribe that mixes in both PvP and the PvE aspects. I can be reached via my discord which I will link, or simply through this post. Discord: Ripper#3053 I will reply on here so post your details or message me
  14. bleach8911

    Looking to join

    Interested in joining. Discord is Joyleastbeast681 (Nihility)#4602, feel free to shoot me a message. Have 2k hours on xbox official and 700ish on pc.
  15. robomonkey222

    Request to join

    Hey saw your post and would love to join you guys in your quest for fun! Ive got 1550 hours in the game, 21 so im mature, work well with others, and I love to build, farm, PVP, and just have fun with the group.
  16. o0Red0o

    would like to join

    Cheddar #6914, 32 years old can play 10-30 hours a week depending on my work schedule, I have 1.7k hours and a level 110 on official. I can pvp, farm, or breed.
  17. jkgray46140

    Want to join the tribe!

    Im a 17 year old kid from the US, Im newish to pc but i have played ark for awhile on ps4, I would love to join!
  18. 56fivesix

    Want to join the Tribe

    Hey, im very interested in joining the tribe. I "only" have 700 hours but most of them are PVP. I mainly played solo but its very time consuming to build up just to join the next day to see it is all gone. My Discord Zenticx#4762
  19. DarkGalaxyLuca

    I would like to join your tribe

    I wanted to ask whether i could join you too. I played Ark for about 2700 hours (2600 on PC, 15 on PS4 and 85 on XBoX). I think it's about 2500 hours of PvP and 200 PvE. I played on many different kinds of servers. From X1000 boosted modded servers to Official and Small Tribes. I really like breeding, raiding and building but obviously i also do farming and other stuff if I need to. Actually I don't know whether you play on PC or Console ^^ but for me it doesn't matter. Oh nearly forgot : I am 15 years old and I am playing at least 3 hours a day. (If u think I could be one of these salty players because some people think like this since I am 15 years and most of the people are searching only 18+ . We could try and you'll see i am not like that.. ) If you are interested you can contact me on Discord Luca#6065 or tell me here how i contact you. ~Luca
  20. Scottyy

    I would like to join your tribe

    Hello Jbob, im interested in joining your tribe! how shall i contact you?
  21. Jbob

    I would like to join your tribe

    Hello Scott I’m on small tribe with one more person and I’m looking for a player of ur skill type
  22. AltixxGaming

    Server 40

    Are you all still at Island 40? I asked for sally and no one answered. 500 hour PVP. Previous duo alpha tribe. YouTuber/Twitch Streamer
  23. Hello, My name is Scott, i am 23 years old and i would like to join your tribe. I am very experienced in ark currently have 3000+ hours however, I have not played on ark for quite some time and i'm little rusty with all the new updates. I might do things the old way that probably is not as efficient but i have the willingness to learn and i learn very quick. I can farm/built/pvp/pve/tame and many other things. I work but i play at least 5 hours a day mostly at night once i've finished work. I hope you give me a chance to prove my self as i would love to be a member and grow with you guys. Thanks Scott.
  24. newnarock

    May i join the tribe?

    Hello,I'm legacy player of this game and i'm interested to join your tribe.I could grind , tame , war.I would glad if you accepted me to your tribe member
  25. i want to take some of us and go for the overseer. I want to get a decent sized tribe that is willing to try and beat the almighty overseer the final boss in ark. I have breed rexes up to lvl 300 and tamed and breed gigas and Quetzal. i do not have intentions to mess around. i would like to do it on an official server and from scratch but if you have lvl 100 characters i do not mind using them. I have over 700 hours played on xbox and a few hundred on pc. reply to this if you are interested.