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We are a tribe that is looking for players looking to enjoy the game with others. Our core group has been playing games together in one form or another for years, so we have a mutual respect policy for our team, and strive to be graceful in victory or defeat. We regularly have contests for tribe members to compete in with prizes, and generally strive to create a fun environment. Direct PM me and I will get you the details. Cheers,


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  2. Hey, I am 18 years old and currently looking to join a tribe. I got 144 Hours of Playtime, only played on The Island. So I prefer to continue playing on The Island but wont mind to change on any free DLC map. I am not the best player, but got the basics down (My highest level was 84) and hope to improve fast under the shelter of a strong tribe. I can grind, farm, tame or breed, but also hope to get involved in some pvp or raids. My Discord is: Fire0910#2754
  3. Steam name: G3T_T1LTED -Discord: JaymePee#0944 (exact spelling) Time zone: US EASTERN -Age: Level 29 Experience in ark: Around 5k total hours -How active can I be: Most days I can play an hour or two ,a few days a week Ill no life it lol What kind of player am I: As long as I get to breed dinos I don't mind grinding or taming -I MUST BE ABLE TO PVP What makes me the best choice: Many reasons. That feeling in your gut that I am awesome ,to start with. I bred for TPG to have safe harbor on one of their servers until I refused t
  4. Hi there I'm a old time ARK Player who used to be part of a mega tribe as a officer back in the day. I'm just now getting back into the game (waiting for it to update also) I've never been the best fighter but my main strength is breeding, kibble making and taking care of baby dino's. I'm decent at building and will do what's needed as long as I know what to do, my Discord is Silent#8525
  5. Hey im BeAsT and my lvl is 88, searching a tribe for Official Servers Valguero, im good in PVP and Farming.
  6. Deathwalrus#4974 27yr day 1 vet on steam looking to join pvp official i can do anything. coming back out of retirement. have all dlc besides gene but looking to get that soon. have 2k hours between xbox and pc.
  7. Hi, Im a fairly new player willing to learn quickly and put in time. Solo is a travesty, i thought that this would be more enjoyable 80-100 Hrs Thanks,
  8. Hi, I was looking for a good tribe and it seems I found it, I have roughly 1k hours on ark and have a lot of time to spare My discord is Red Imposter#4154
  9. discord Cici #7567 To join
  10. Discord Dolph#4556 Add me on discord and contact me if you want me in I have roughly 1.5k+ hours and can breed but have school so I cant play all the time but I can play roughly 2-3 hours daily
  11. Looking to Join Hello, I've played Ark on PS4 but made the switch to PC because I heard it was better. Looking for others to game with.
  12. Joining I am looking to join this tribe will farm and all that stuff, i have 800+ hours am fine with being added to any server i have all the dlcs.
  13. Joining Tribe Hey i see youre recruiting for ark official pvp, just wondering if you're still recruiting. I'm 26 with 2400 hours on ark most of which was on official. been playing since game was in alpha and just recently moved over to unofficial because its hard on the beach getting wiped everyday. I also have a friend who is 27 with about 3400 hours and started the same day as me. We're looking to return to official as unofficial is just not the same. We're both good at taming and farming and i especially enjoy breeding. I've used unofficial to familiarise myself with some of the new metas
  14. Looking for a tribe to join Hello , my name is Max and i am looking for a tribe that i can join with a friend to have fun on official again. I am experienced and would like to try a bigger tribe my discord is Select#3416
  15. looking for a tribe hello, I am an experienced player of 24 years with 5000+ hours ps4 and pc combined on pvp, I am French but I master English enough in writing, I am looking for a megatribe to join because I have a lot of contact on ps4 but since i arrived on pc i don't know anyone. I play mainly in the evening because I work at the moment but I will soon be available more regularly. I play on all the maps but I don't like aberation, so all the others suit me. if you accept my request i can also come with some additional players (5 or 6 maybe more), my discord is Sambalek # 8026
  16. ARK PC TRIBE - SEE DESCRIPTION I noticed alot of you have no replies if you are looking for an ark tribe then consider joining DARK star Imperium Discord link - https://discord.gg/vnwpDa5 just Ping @Recruiters when you join Here is some of our other sites; Lore - https://starbase-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Star_ImperiumTwitter - https://twitter.com/imperium_dark?lang=en DSI website - https://www.darkstarimperium.org/ we also have a tribe on this tribes forum too just search dark star imperium OR ASK FOR AN INVITE Discord link - https://discord.gg/vnwpDa5
  17. Hi i'm 15 and know the basics to ark hello, my friends won't let me play ark with them after grinding hours on hours of spark powder. they think i'm not good enough i want to join and grind for Ur tribe and learn more about ark so i can eventually get really good and raid them i was hoping Ur tribe could teach me a thing or 2 and show me how to me get better at pvp
  18. Looking for an unofficial pvp server/tribe I am 16 in NA and came from xbox and wanna play some more on Pc. I had 1100 hours on the game and have played pvp on each new dlc and 40 hours on steam since I just got it. I am a good grinder, good breeder (I love breeding and I may double our dino count over night if I get bored), can play for hours most days, can tame, good at pvp (most times my tribe would all quit and I would be forced to watch our gamma/beta sized base solo), and all around a fun person to have in your tribe. My discord is Jimmy Rigatoni#5344 so if you want me dm me the inf
  19. Hye, im also playing since 2015 and i have been solo for long. if you want you could join my tribe. Im currently solo but we can find new recruits. im currently on extinction but I also have genesis. I'm 15 y/o. If you are interested my discord is EyeLizard#6993
  20. i m a 19 year old player been playing since 2015 mostly solo and i want to join i m a 19 year old player been playing since 2015 mostly solo and i want to join your tribe.i am a good farmer grinder but i never found a good tribe to join
  21. Looking for tribe Hey I've got over 1500 hours on xbox, 1300 hours on ps4, and I just started playing on pc. I'm 22, bought the game a week ago on steam and already have a level 92 character on official, got some turrets, c4, and other mats I can bring over. Been playing solo for the past week and getting kinda tired of the solo grind and no bases to really hit. My discord name is Adamflash364#1478
  22. Looking for a tribe Hey, I have played ark for 2 years and just switched to pc from ps4. I'm looking for a tribe that I can join and grind for. I'm an active player and I can speak english. My discord is EyeLizard#6993.
  23. Looking for a tribe I have about 1000 hours on ps4 but switched to pc and have about 100 more hours. Was owner of a huge tribe but ended up leaving ps4. Not looking to start my own big tribe again so im looking to join a good one! age 19 discord jdow#5730

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