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  1. Heya, Sorry for slow response! I check discord everyday add me to discord and I will get you set up BaronBowden#7588
  2. Heya! Sorry for slow reply! add me to discord and ill set ya up BaronBowden#7588
  3. Heya, Sorry for the slow response! Add me to discord and I will get you set up in the tribe! BaronBowden#7588
  4. Heya! Sorry i didnt respond earlier. You can add me on discord and I will get you set up BaronBowden#7588
  5. BaronBowden#7588 Hit me up on Discord and ill give you the details! Cheers, B
  6. Congratulations to our player Pokas. He joined the Tribe roughly 2 weeks ago, and through hard work has farmed better dinos, more resources than pretty much any other player with almost double the play time. He has won our monthly MVP award and is enjoying some new Ark DLC. Monthly of May is anyone's contest to win, farm hard, farm smart, and farm often!! Bonus points will be awarded for the highest health trike tamed. Cheers, B
  7. Hey sorry about that, I check my discord daily but forums a bit less I sent you a discord Invite, let me know if you are still looking for a home! Cheers, B
  8. Hey sorry, been terrible at checking the forums. Free time I am trying to stay in game! I check discord daily though! BaronBowden#7588 Will get you details if you havnt found a home!
  9. Guys, sorry sometimes work slams me, and my second in command didnt keep up with forum activity. We are still very much active, it is WAY better to just direct msg me on discord for details! Cheers, BaronBowden#7588
  10. Heya, sorry I havnt been more up on the forums. Real work called me away and my second in command wasnt a forums guy! Tried your discord but it didnt work. Feel free to add me at BaronBowden#7588
  11. Sent you a friend request. can also find me at BaronBowden#7588
  12. So, I guess a follow up is how do you use dinos for base defense? What are common strategies beside stuffing small ones in rooms?
  13. This is something I can't quite understand. When i put certain dinos to turret mode they just seem to not move and do nothing. What is it for? Are there dinos that are really good on turret mode? Different uses. Play on pvp so am curious about this. thanks in advance,
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