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  1. baronbowden


    Sent you a friend request. can also find me at BaronBowden#7588
  2. baronbowden

    Which map?

    Ofcourse. Same instructions as everyone else. Conquest Server 40, ask for Sally. If Im not on hopefully one of my guys can pick you up.
  3. baronbowden

    Which map?

    That made me chuckle. If I had some ammo for everytime someone needs antidote.. id have full turrets! Got you covered
  4. baronbowden

    Which map?

    Heya teh, Would love to have ya come and enjoy some pvp We are on Conquest Server 40. Just hit the beach and ask in global for Sally and reference the forums. Any of us will see it and pick ya up! Will be fun, B
  5. baronbowden

    Which map?

    Heya, These forums really are kinda terrible. Sorry about it taking so long to reply. We are currently on the Island, but once that base is done we will be doing cross server fun. Once our base is fully complete we will be doing raiding as a team on other servers since we are reasonably friendly with tribes on ours. Generally depending on playtime of everyone the reasonable expectation is another week or two of grinding before we really set in to bossing and breeding. We might be ready to do bosses in a couple days depending how lucky we get with tames. Server 40 on conquest ask for Sally (my in game name) and one of my guys will pick you up and show you the ropes. Dont sweat level, we can get you power levelled pretty quick. Cheers, B
  6. baronbowden

    Today in Ark - Unexpected turn of events.

    Oh man I didnt even think of the grief christmas would bring. When ya get the weapons and ammo free, you dont value what you lost! I do think ark is missing the balance though. The cost of blowing up production facilities (grinders forges chem benches etc) should be drastically drastically higher. Game would probably have way better player retention too if 90% of raids didn't end in full and hard resets.
  7. baronbowden

    State of the game and improving it!

    1) Yea those cryoballs, did a number on our base today. So much for 1 ramp access. Didn't even know they existed though but definitely not cool. 2) Feels like more the issue is the attacker just gets to destroy everything and anything once they do crack in. I think the pvp aspect is FUN, but it encourages full wipes instead of setbacks for more fighting again. It should be SUPER expensive to break vaults and throw everything on the ground and same with production facilities. Raiders should get to take loot, but actually reducing important structures to rubble should be INSANELY expensive, so it only gets done when people really hate eachother. Also offline raiding isn't ideal. Grind bullets for a week and you have to be lucky to be online for the pvp.
  8. baronbowden

    Today in Ark - Unexpected turn of events.

    I know it went on a bit, but it's more that he wasn't mean at all, he was looking for fun. Until today every single raider has just destroyed everything for giggles, and always when we are offline. This was the first cool guy who was actually fun. And then an hour later a real jerk came along and did the normal and trashed everything just because.
  9. So long and short been playing pretty heavily with a small group for last few weeks. All of us new except one or two guys with some exp who started over to hang with us. PVP server. We started on the Island, recruited some new friends and seemed like we were establishing a legit presence. So our first base had turrets walls etc etc, and some griefers on Wyverns showed up and just destroyed everything, without even bothering to take the loot. So blown into the stone age. W/E we have new knowledge, we restart a new location same server. This time we don't mess around, we literally just farm bullets and guns. Had something like 10 argys that we used for metal runs with ankys and assorted other worthless tames. Couple rexes. 80 turrets including 20ish plants. Today the server gets invaded. It starts with what seems like a Wyvern giving us some grief, but we figure OK we have handled one or two of these before lets see how it goes. Only 2 of us are online. Next thing we know some Steggo comes charging up the hill and the turrets arn't even scratching this thing. The guy is with his steggo so I figure ok let it soak some of the 10000 ammo we have in the area, I'm going to find his wyvern and mess it up. It dies. We are laughing thinking enjoy your steggos now we have like 10 argys to use, this sucker is a goner. Fast forward 2-3 hrs later, we have exhausted all of our ammo, are naked using tranq arrows (what we had left) trying to bring down the third steggo. I even manage at one point to get some c4 on it.. it lives.. The guy has turrets built somehow and is literally crushing us with maybe 3 bullets a pop since all our armour is broken and gone. I have one argy in reserve and 2 rexes, figure ok just gotta get his damn beds or at least get this steggo. It lived, and laughed at my rexes as they died. We are down to dodos but out of c4 to throw them with, arrows obviously arn't doing a thing. So we call it and congratulate the guy on his well earned win and open the doors, asking if he will leave us our means of production at least. He comes in, maybe took a couple bullets, and then hung out with us for an hour or two giving us advice on how to better set up the base, left us some gear, rode us around on his Wyvern for fun and thanked us for putting up our hopeless fight. All told we lost 30ish tames or more, some important some just because they were there. 8000ish rounds of ammo expended. We managed to kill a Wyvern a couple steggos, trike or two and somehow a griffin (didnt even know it was there). A week of grinding bullets kinda hurts for 2-3 hrs of fun but what fun it was! Just wish more of us had been online to experience it. Also wish the guy who came along an hour later when we were out of bullets and tames to farm mats with hadn't walked in and blown up the production room; without even looting us... Oh ark.
  10. baronbowden

    PVP Bases

    When you say a good frog saddle, if I havnt found the schematic, would using a mindwipe and dumping everything into crafting work for making a decent saddle? I find the only saddles i find are for diplos, or mammoths. Must have 30 schematics for pigs... My left eye for a decent Argy saddle.
  11. baronbowden


    I cant even find where it tells you how to get OUT of early bird.. or how many posts.. or days...
  12. baronbowden

    Turret Mode for Dinos

    So, I guess a follow up is how do you use dinos for base defense? What are common strategies beside stuffing small ones in rooms?
  13. baronbowden

    Best Stats and Way to lvl up Pteranadon

    I think the extra frustration is you can't even read the trade section ... Idk I try to be chill but this arbitrary 3 posts a day and no access is super lame. Ahh well good things in time I suppose
  14. baronbowden

    PVP Bases

    What pet do you guys suggest for the cave ? I tried a cave last night with 4 saddled lvl 200 sabers and only two made it out.
  15. baronbowden

    Turret Mode for Dinos

    This is something I can't quite understand. When i put certain dinos to turret mode they just seem to not move and do nothing. What is it for? Are there dinos that are really good on turret mode? Different uses. Play on pvp so am curious about this. thanks in advance,