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Gen Part 2?

I'm gonna get people mad at this but NO FLIERS. The best thing the ARK devs ever did, they make the game mindlessly easy. (I don't mind taming them to use for combat but not flying them) I hope that Pt2 is the hardest expansion we will see yet. In a way that people can't handle, and that would be a focus on TEAMWORK. like anyone who follows the actual story they would know that ark was a "PVP" world but most people worked together to accomplish their goals; They didn't mindlessly kill people for no reason. Imagine if they made it so the next expansion based inside a GIANT SPACE SHIP (which were training in Pt1 for Pt2 for anyone who knows the story) with a focus on teamwork. Like each day in-game you get bombarded with enemies (like tek robots and the advanced beings/mutated dinos and bosses from the different maps) and unless you're working constantly with people they will wipe you out of the map eventually. The goal is to attack their points on the map to delay them from attacking or to get in there, summon the boss and "complete the map". Our little companion could give us a timer based off when the next wave was coming or when the points would re-spawn (since shes an awesome tek being ;). but like to do that you have to complete certain objectives like take out Point A and Point B to weaken Point C to push in. But making it so hard you NEED the server working together to hope to even come close to completing it. (The waves would go and attack people regardless of where they were or anything and just track down players connected and not connected)  (Imagine how much fun it would be to have 70 people to complete an EPIC boss battle where you're walking the wire the whole time just to win A REAL CHALLENGE)   ------ ARKOPOLICS ------

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