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Picolo XL

pvp Fresh 7 Map Cluster [5x - 10x Rates][S+][Light ORP]

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Welcome to Symbiosis PvPvE


  • Island: Join here              IP:
  • Center: Join here              IP:
  • Ragnarok: Join here         IP:
  • Abberation:  Join here      IP:
  • Extinction:   Join here       IP:
  • Genesis:   Join here           IP:
  • Crystal Isles:   Join here    IP:



General Settings:

XP ━ x5
Harvesting ━ x5
Taming ━ x5
Hatching ━ x10
Maturation ━ x10
CropGrowth ━ x5
MatingInterval ━ 5-8 hours

Advanced Settings:

Max. Wild Dino Level ━ 150 (190)
Cave Structure Damage ━ x6
Turret Limit ━ 100
StructurePlacementCollision ━ DISABLED
Structure Decay ━ Only unsnapped structures
Dino Decay ━ DISABLED
PlayerWeightMultiplier ━ 40 Weight/Level
Tribemember Imprint ━ ENABLED 
Spawn Animations ━ DISABLED
DinoCountMultiplier ━ 1,3




  • S+ MOD ━ Pulling system and some vanilla structure variants
  • HG Stack Mod - 1000 / -50%
  • Awesome SpyGlass
  • Offline Guard System (x5 Turret damage x5 Structures resistance while Offline, activates 30 minutes after Logout, Two Shields per Tribe/Map, Range= 20 Foundations)
  • Solo Farm Mod ━ Put various items in your dinos inventory and use them to activate automatic attacks and removal of unwanted items in your dinos inventory.



Join our Discord: JOIN NOW

Edited by Picolo XL
Changed some settings

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There is now one Pre-Server available for you!
If you want to have a first look at the settings and rates, feel free to join!
(Link & IP see Discord )

While the whole cluster will only release once we hit the 20 player mark, you can still play on this pre-server and will be able to keep you player, tames and items when the full cluster releases!

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With our discord population growing, I am planning to release the cluster this weekend (Friday 6pm UST or saturday 12am UST) I'd be great if we can get some more people in here.

It will be a greatly balanced and fun PvP Cluster!

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*Due to the latest update, Breeds that take less than 8 hours to finish, will now get 100% imprint with the first imprint. Gigas currently take 3 imprints to finish with 100%.

* Above setting will be changed back to normal as soon as possible

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