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Ascendant Gear from Caves? (Ark Mobile)

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This depends on server difficulty. Playing on easy has a higher chance for lower quality bps due to Dino’s being lower levels. Medium have higher and hard have even higher. There are different qualities of types of ascendant gear too. For instance one ascendant pickaxe may have a durability of 220 with a damage of 78, and another with a durability of 170 with damage of 122 (durability and damage random and this is true for all loot table gear/saddles). The term ascendant by the way is somewhat arbitrary. Generally, ascendant gear is better than journeymen and mastercraft, but I have seen some saddle and tool blueprints with better durability/damage/armor than the average ascendant piece. So to answer your question, playing on a harder difficulty yields a higher chance of finding ascendant gear, but keep in mind just because it is ascendant does not necessarily make it better than mastercraft  or journeymen. You need to look at the stats 

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