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  1. I have an iPhone 11 and it runs very smoothly on high graphics setting and hardly ever crashes, I crash very rarely.
  2. I think it’s when official server admin phase in new servers and phase out old servers so it’s a period where you are encouraged to transfer your character off the ones phased out or you will lose them. It doesn’t affect unofficial servers to my knowledge
  3. As anyone who plays official knows, hackers have basically made this game unplayable. Almost every high level player has ESP, speed hacks, aimbot, etc. The current way players have to deal with them is report them on a case by case basis which is extremely inefficient and also ineffective, as X-ray hacks are impossible to prove for instance, and when I did report any of these hacks, support didn’t even respond. Something needs to be done because they are killing this game. A recommendation I have is making every player who plays on official servers install something similar to Battle Eye, the
  4. I had a server a really long time ago but I faintly remember how to do it. In the nitrado app go to your server and there should be a link, it’s a nitrado link by default. You just paste the discord link over it
  5. Will there be an official server for medium difficulty for duo? A lot of players like myself play solo or with a friend so big tribes really kill the gameplay. I think there’s one for easy difficulty but I don’t play on easy because the gear is trash and people still find a way to get OP dinos which are even harder to kill because comps, swords, longnecks and fabs aren’t good enough damage to kill (yes even ones from drops and caves).
  6. Low levels generally have a lower amber revival cost if playing on medium and hard servers. When trolling cheaters on official I would tame a low level tapejara and snipe their tames. Low level made for cheap revive, and a max speed tape is slower than a max speed pt rg or quetzal which means if they caught me I was gonna die anyway. Also level isn’t everything, some high level dinos can have trash stats. On the contrary, any level giga will basically shred anything, including a level 5. It really depends on what dinosaur you’re trying to tame. Generally high levels are better, but some strat
  7. If you want to play pvp with keep inventory then play unofficial on casual. Servers that are casual say so in the server settings.
  8. What is the raft structure limit for Mobile?
  9. adamtiburon


    A couple pretty big exploits I’ve noticed playing this game over the years are as follows. The first one is being able to place c4 in PvE zones in the pvxc game mode. Myself and a lot of people included have been raided because players placed c4 on turrets in PvE, then as soon as server rotated the time zone and it became pvp where the charges were, they detonated and all turrets get blown. Disabling c4 in PvE would put a stop to this. It isn’t necessary to use c4 in PvE anyway so don’t see why this would be an issue. The second issue pertains to PVX, PVXC, and PVP. The box mammoth has been an
  10. As we all know, official is plagued with hackers. Proportionally, most of the players who play in NA and Europe don’t hack nearly as much as those who play in the Asia servers. My question is why even allow people to play on any server in the first place, and instead limit them to play on the servers listed in their region. This would help to limit the amount of hackers in NA and EU servers, and would more than likely result in more people wanting to play on official servers. Myself and many others have voiced that we had to quit simply because the hacking is that bad, every server has hacker
  11. Fixed myself on IOS by signing out of iCloud, deleting ARK, signing back into the same iCloud and redownloading the game
  12. Devs essentially killed free to play players with this update and they know this. Looking for loot crates is a waste of time. There’s like a 12% chance I heard of one containing amber and there’s like 3-4 amber inside when you actually get the successful drop chance. Not to mention how incredibly tedious it is to fly all over the map opening loot crates only to find out that 25% of them are glitched and can’t even open. You’ll get more amber using an ascendant metal pick with 200%+ melee in 15 min than you would scouting for look crates in 8 hours. Mining metal for amber has diminishing return
  13. Anyone else notice the restore purchases button break after the update? All my arketypes disappeared from all my characters on all the servers I play on and the restore purchases button says I haven’t purchased anything.
  14. With the removal of ads it’s so much harder for free to play players to farm amber. Not only this, but for whatever reason devs decided to remove sales in the store and actually RAISE prices of certain consumables. They stated the reason for getting rid of the ads was for privacy reasons, which is hilarious because after first announcing that it took them a couple months for them to actually implement the update to get rid of the ads. Yeah, they value our privacy so much. Instead of raised prices, they should be lowered. Less amber to get, less to spend it’s that simple. But nah, they removed
  15. Every server I play on across all difficulties has these hackers who can find hidden loot by scanning the map. They even admit to using it too but there’s no way to prove it and they know it which is why they taunt players! Statistically, it’s mathematically impossible for one player from a tribe to find three underwater storage chests in weeds across different parts of the map in the same day. They’re so well hidden I can barely find them and I know where they are! Just please fix this because the game is literally unplayable. There is nothing I can do, no way to build and cannot hide anythin
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