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  1. Update: I crafted an eerie turret and killed it. I uploaded to my YT if anyone wants to see. Channel name is Adamtiburon. Sure enough, bronto was encumbered with wood
  2. Found new ways douche bag players are being toxic. They’re encumbering OP Dino’s like brontos and gigas, setting them to aggressive, and putting them at the openings of caves so that when you try to run in they instantly kill you. You can’t move them because if you shoot at them they’re weighted down. Because their area of attack is a mile wide in all directions you’re just screwed if you come anywhere close.
  3. Lmao yeah I’ve played unofficial for a while but wanted to give official another go but you’re right they’ve evolved and found ways to be toxic
  4. Is it bannable for players to block metal and pearl spawns by intentionally putting metal structures there so new players cannot gather these resources?
  5. adamtiburon


    Can you guys make it so that dungeons have obstacles that are actually POSSIBLE to dodge? I die 9/10 times to UNFAIR obstacles compared to actual enemies. The swinging scythes and icicles combo, and the wall! The stuff is not possible to dodge! It takes the fun out of the game. It should be about beating enemies, not about going through obstacles praying you don’t die. Parkour is fine, at least it’s POSSIBLE. The other obstacles are literally just random chance and it isn’t even fair. I get you guys want to make dungeons hard, but make them so that it is up to skill and not chance!
  6. This has been resolved. Go to server settings in nitrado delete server link and paste new one.
  7. Unofficial server info link I recently rented a server through nitrado and when pressing the info link for my server when viewing the server list it takes the user to download nitrado, including myself. I have seen other players link their server to discord or WhatsApp. I would prefer to use WhatsApp, but either is fine. Does anyone know how to do this?
  8. This depends on server difficulty. Playing on easy has a higher chance for lower quality bps due to Dino’s being lower levels. Medium have higher and hard have even higher. There are different qualities of types of ascendant gear too. For instance one ascendant pickaxe may have a durability of 220 with a damage of 78, and another with a durability of 170 with damage of 122 (durability and damage random and this is true for all loot table gear/saddles). The term ascendant by the way is somewhat arbitrary. Generally, ascendant gear is better than journeymen and mastercraft, but I have seen some
  9. How is server wealth measured? I saw a video from Jordan from wardrum saying wealth was measured by amber spent but this is either not true or is outdated because server wealth can go down as well as up. Does anyone know the real measure?
  10. This is not true or is outdated because wealth goes down not just up.
  11. Yeah ark support is really bad about informing players about updates and scheduling them at times during the middle of the day smh. I can’t emphasize enough how trash ARK support is. Not only do they not reply, their ticket system doesn’t even work. Doing some investigating in other threads, it appears that all iOS users can’t connect because our apps updated to the latest version and ARK staff won’t update servers until they are allowed to for androids so we are all just stuck waiting. Reportedly, they warned players in discord or something, which is completely asinine anyway because most peo
  12. Yeah ark support is really bad about informing players about updates and scheduling them at times during the middle of the day smh
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