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  1. Ark Mobile is dead, good job devs! I tried warning you several times in previous threads throughout the year and you all chose not to listen and ignored the hacker epidemic. By far the worst customer support out of any video game I’ve ever played, or rather, worst customer support I’ve dealt with in any circumstance for that matter. Enjoy your lost revenue and rapid server decline! Servers are all dead I checked, this is what you get!
  2. As anyone who’s tried building up lately on either official or unofficial pvp, we all know rocket turret spam is real. As a matter of fact, the only people that use these are hackers. So why is the rocket turret in the game at all? Like this post and comment saying you want it removed so we can get developers attention to remove it from the game once and for all. It has no use at this point now that they can’t be placed on platform saddles and because it still exists, it’s impossible to build up due to hackers using it. For anyone who thinks I’m joking just TRY to make a big base with turrets and see how long you last before it’s rocket turret spam wiped. I predict within 48 hours, and that’s conservative.
  3. Ark Mobile is completely overrun with hackers and developers do not care. Highly suggest not bothering.
  4. Ark Mobile is all about micro transactions in game. It’s how they make all their revenue now due to ads no longer being in the game. I agree it would be better for most players to have crypods instead of the chronicling system, but developers have proven over and over they do not care about retaining a high number player base.
  5. adamtiburon


    It sounds like you got insided which means some scumbag earned your trust and then betrayed you and took all your stuff. Unfortunately happens all the time in this toxic game.
  6. Yep. There’s absolutely no reason the rocket turret should be in the mobile version. It serves no purpose playing with it legitimately because turrets shoot the rpgs before they get to destroy them. Only hackers use them. Considering the fact of how the devs choose to ignore the hacker pandemic in the game I doubt anything will change.
  7. 3 years experience in PVP: 200 melee 300 weight 300 health 178 speed 30 fort 2 levels in all other stats remaining levels allocate how you wish, some compromise fort for more speed but even the best players can get knocked out so I prioritize fort because 30 fort is enough to not get one shot with a club by most players.
  8. adamtiburon


    Is anything being done to combat hackers? I actually quit (played since ARK Mobile came out) two months ago because the game is completely broken in its current state. Kamz25 (the biggest unofficial server) admins announced yesterday that admins will no longer enforce rules to ban hackers due to how many there are. They essentially said “they’re just a part of the game now and there’s nothing we can do”. Do you all realize how pathetic and sad this is? I already know for a fact official staff doesn’t enforce bans because I put in several reports with video evidence that happened on official servers and they were ignored. HOLLY, one of the biggest ARK Mobile YouTubers, announced that they quit as well due to the hackers and how broken the game is. What measures are being taken to fight off hackers? I’ve seen zero effort put in by staff, and the player base continues to grow smaller and smaller because of this. It’s clear staff is incredibly disorganized, inefficient, and overwhelmed. Personally, I have never had worse customer service experience pertaining to any mobile video game, and I’ve interacted with developer teams much smaller than this game’s. The hacking needs to stop, it’s a basic component of any game to get rid of cheating players. This should be top priority, not putting in a new dungeon every week. You’re not going to have any players to play in the dungeons when they’ve all quit.
  9. There’s really nothing you can do to avoid it unfortunately. You can put a stone foundation over your storage boxes and pestles though so they’ll need an arthropluera or explosives to blow it up. You can report but staff usually doesn’t respond or doesn’t act on them. Even if they did the hacker could just create an alternate account. Hackers are on every server, especially ESP hackers. I play on unofficial because there’s a lot less hackers and admin usually ban them if you have proof. Even with proof on official they’re slow to ban; they’re extremely understaffed which is why all the servers are overrun with cheaters
  10. Yes Nutlusker81, what you are going through is extremely common for players on official. People are finding your stuff with a cheat known as ESP. This is the same as X-ray. Players download a third party app that allows them to find any type of item on the map, including smithys, beds, pestles, vaults, and even dinosaurs to name a few. This hack by itself is game breaking and the reason I quit official and only play unofficial. Unofficial still has cheaters but there are much less and staff actually bans them. Official ark staff doesn’t ban anyone for ESP (X-ray cheats).
  11. You sound like you know your stuff maybe you should go work for the developers and help save this game!!
  12. As anyone who plays official knows, hackers have basically made this game unplayable. Almost every high level player has ESP, speed hacks, aimbot, etc. The current way players have to deal with them is report them on a case by case basis which is extremely inefficient and also ineffective, as X-ray hacks are impossible to prove for instance, and when I did report any of these hacks, support didn’t even respond. Something needs to be done because they are killing this game. A recommendation I have is making every player who plays on official servers install something similar to Battle Eye, the anti-cheat software ARK PC uses. I’m not sure how effective it is, but at least it’s something. Personally, I would be glad to install whatever is needed to ensure my game experience is not ruined by hackers. There’s an incentive for doing this; by getting rid of hackers you are effectively increasing your player base and increasing revenue. By failing to act you are further decreasing your player base and further decreasing revenue. I have no idea what it’ll cost but let’s say it’s $1,000 to ensure hackers can’t play on official servers. You only need 25 people to pay for primal each year to cover that cost. By not doing anything, you are losing a lot of customers who would have paid for primal had you gotten rid of the hackers. It’s frustrating because hackers have been around for years in this game, and support acknowledges they exist in every update, but no permanent solution is put into place. Relying on the player base to report them all is inefficient and quite frankly, unacceptable. That shouldn’t be our burden. I’m here to play ARK; I’m not here to report hackers. By inputting some kind of software it at least shows you guys are making an effort to stop cheating players, and hopefully this will grow the player base. I’m not asking for it to be perfect, but at least have something in there to deter them. The revenue incentive should be enough for doing this honestly. And when staff bans hackers please IP ban them from ALL official servers. Banning the player does nothing because they can create an alternate account. Don’t IP ban them from just one server because they can just pick another. IP ban them from all servers. Anyway, I hope you guys decide to do something about this before the entire game dies.
  13. Yeah ark support is really bad about informing players about updates and scheduling them at times during the middle of the day smh. I can’t emphasize enough how trash ARK support is. Not only do they not reply, their ticket system doesn’t even work. Doing some investigating in other threads, it appears that all iOS users can’t connect because our apps updated to the latest version and ARK staff won’t update servers until they are allowed to for androids so we are all just stuck waiting. Reportedly, they warned players in discord or something, which is completely asinine anyway because most people don’t even look at that. Overall extremely poor service and staff should be embarrassed.
  14. Yeah ark support is really bad about informing players about updates and scheduling them at times during the middle of the day smh
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