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Upside down slopes walls

I think we should all send a ticket to get this sloped wall issue sorted. Clearly Wildcard hasn’t ignored that gapping hole in your structural plans, it’s just a bug related to the snapping points.. so, we should let them know about it.

Maybe if they listen, we can get them to fix other aspects of the game before adding more stuff! Steady frame rate anyone?

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Sloped walls depend 3 things. 

One: Whether its a left or right sloped wall.

Two: The direction the wall underneath it is facing, or foundation. The panels of the walls should be facing inward.

Three: The ceiling above it. Sloped walls don't like being wedged into position.

With the above points my builds usually go: foundations first, walls next (ensuring that all walls are facing the correct way), sloped walls on top, then finally add your ceilings. Building in ark really isn't bad as long as you are planning ahead and understand the mechanics.


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