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pvp [RolePlay] Dogleg Valguero Escape!

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[RolePlay] Dogleg Valguero Escape!


Do you enjoy building towns and cities that won't be greifed?
Are you a fan of DND or role-playing as a Medieval character?
Do you want to be a part of awesome events, tournaments, and structured warfare?

Then look no further! Dogleg Valguero Escape RP would be a great fit for you :D

We have a captivating story that is crafted by our Admins and then molded by the players… everything you do in RP will have an effect on the story's direction! We periodically post elaborate videos and written stories that track the progression of the story, and if you play a big enough role you may get featured too!
We honestly have lots of fun and would love to have more people join us. You can be an noob, expert, Dungeon Master.. Whatever! If you're interested give us a try.

Featured Mods:

Castles, Keep, and Forts: Remastered
Human NPCs
Super Structures
Auto Engrams!
Ultra Stacks
Eco's RP Décor
Eco's Shoppe Décor
Valguero Dino and Map Extension
Saddle Emporium
MarniiMods: Horses
Homing Pigeon
Beacon Enhancer
Medieval Weaponry
Medieval Headgear
Platforms Plus (Open Sources)


And some custom, home-brew plugins too!
- Vote Rewards (Won't crash like others do)
- Automatic Raids
- Automatic Events and rewards

We've got awesome admins and even awesomer players. All suggestions and feedback is welcome, we love to hear your guys' ideas on how to move forward and what we can change/improve. Just keep in mind its gotta fit with the story and player base.

Align yourself with one of the major tribe territories and following along with their politics… or go off on your own and start a new tribe and rise to the top!

Watch our trailer video for RAGNAROK UPRISING (predecessor to Valguero Escape) and learn why Prince Luchard is such a revered warrior to the Scavenger people. 

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