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  1. We have tribes that are recruiting!! Doesn't matter if you are by yourself or have a whole group of friends, we are quickly growing so feel free to check us out
  2. [PVP] [PC] Dogleg Ragnarok PVP https://discord.gg/cQjvvZd http://doglegarkservers.com Welcome to our new Ragnarok PVP server!! - Small tribes up to 5 players - Monthly Sever Wipes - Website leader boards for top tribes/players We've got awesome admins and even awesomer players. All suggestions and feedback is welcome, we love to hear your guys' ideas on how to move forward and what we can change/improve. Featured Mods: Super Structures Auto Engrams! Ultra Stacks Ragnarok Plus Awesome SpyGlass! Beacon Enhancer Rates: XP 5x Harvesting 5x
  3. [RolePlay] Dogleg Valguero Escape! discord.com/invite/vKWgH2K http://doglegarkservers.com Do you enjoy building towns and cities that won't be greifed? Are you a fan of DND or role-playing as a Medieval character? Do you want to be a part of awesome events, tournaments, and structured warfare? Then look no further! Dogleg Valguero Escape RP would be a great fit for you We have a captivating story that is crafted by our Admins and then molded by the players… everything you do in RP will have an effect on the story's direction! We periodically post elaborate videos and writ
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