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    hello! Hiya! Long time mobile and PS4 player finally joining the PC club here! I would like to start a tribe, I'm currently playing official servers but I'm on the look out for any decent friendly unofficial servers or players looking to team up. Feel free to drop me a message
  2. GRIFFIN DUO MODE HARD PVP I introduce to all to a brand new server named Griffin - duo mode. As the name gives it is a server where trives will be in form of duo or 2 players per tribe to make the game fun and help players have a feel of game. It's a PVP- Europe-Hard server. There are alot of changes in settings of server they are as follows:- -1. 5x harvesting -5x hatching -3x imprint -Tribe imprint -1. 5x night - +25% spawn rate There are no admin interactions with server until cheats or exploits have to been suspected. If you are interested here is link to Griffin's discord server:- https://discord.gg/nBaVNTp Hope to see you all in Griffin
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