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Put a cap on a cap is like to put a hat on a hat.


My point about my title are directed to the mana nerf. The limits for how many movement the mana can make in a row was already limited by the stamina cap so putting a cap on this cap, is as pointless at it is to wearing a hat on on top of another hat. From PVP perspective I might understand why some players find them too OP that they want this cap on a cap nerf but when it comes to PVE, then I can't with my best will justify of having this cap on a cap nerf and even less can't I justefy this cap on cap nerf in Single Player mode.

In least should this cap on cap nerf be optional in Single Player mode to have it on or off, so those who likes this cap on cap nerf can play with that and those that don't like this cap on cap nerf can play without it and it will be a win win for both groups. So Wildcard if you really care about your customers, then please prove it to us all and add this option for Single Player users in least or else you give me no other option than completely stop playing this game since it keep make me more and more frustrated that I can't use the mana as I could do before the cap on cap nerf 😢

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