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Ways I think the procedurally generated maps can be improved

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Ways I think the procedurally generated maps can be improved

1.let us be able to choose the types of creatures we want on the map and their rarity


2.a map in the map generation menu to help show players what their changing since we would just have to guess otherwise 


3.our own custom boss arenas to set goals for ourselves since right now it is kind of just big sandbox mode


I feel like this mode is overlooked alot but that's not going to change if there aren't any changes made to improve the mode plus it's trailer it debuted in was rather simple and didn't explain too much about it but bringing it more to the public now with changes like these would probably make it popular and known


Plus adding these changes would give massive variety to the game inbetween content since you could always just go online and try out a players custom map while waiting for new content like genesis and all around it would be a win for the community and the wildcard devs working on ark since it would keep everyone's attention on ark since there would always be new stuff and in turn keep more people around for the new expansion packs and content 


After all the wildcard devs did say they love working with the community and what other better way for that than to let everyone create the maps they always wanted to make

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