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Just a list of things i'd like to see in Ark

If you dont mind reading, here's some things that i'd like to see in ark. Some of these I'm sure might be almost impossible with the current game's coding and how janky the mechanics would be, but I just think these are some things i'd like to see and my opinions on certain changes and whatnot. 

To start off, i personally like the old rex model before the TLC better. I don't know why but I guess the face looks more appealing to me. I don't know if anyone else has the same opinion. 

There are also some things i' d like to see that might add some more realism into the game. For example, 
-Being very close to some types of ally dinos would provide warmth, even in hot places. 
-taking off with a flyer may need a small run up animation, to catch air instead of just taking off (though this may not be all that helpful for situations like trapping or pvp)
-wild dinos make more ambient noises as you come closer, especially herbivores as they would become more anxious/on guard
-more dino calls, like threatening or forecalling and dino crouching, or laying down to regain stamina faster (though this may be hard to implement on console, but it could have some button shortcuts, or use d-pad) one i'd especially like to see is a sarco hiss
-like I've stated before, the egg gender ratios with certain frogs and crocodilian dinos
-more realistic behavior in the AI, which would include the different calls and pack hunting
-higher horse jumping! Because horses jump higher than they do in ark. Do be honest the height of an equus jump is just depressing. Atleast have like deinonychus jump height
-wyvern gliding and please give some flyers at least a nerfed Griffin ability
-a scent ability on some carnivores that could track wild creatures (shown by a line on the ground or footprints), and footprints in general
-some dino resistance if you're about to jump or walk off a cliff, such as a split second slow in walking. This could save alot of lives
-feathered dinos that use feathers for flying or gliding would have to wait for their feathers to dry after being in rain or water (this could be just a few seconds or could be changed in settings) or a shaking animation could come in to dry off faster. I really like this idea, and since birds can't go into the water (like argies) in rain they would get wet and couldn't fly as well. You might see alot of players not flying in the rain or just standing around waiting for their birds to dry after a rainstorm
-wet feathers and fur
- your dino automatically swims to the surface if it is in deep water, because real animals aren't just going to sit there until they drown because you didn't tell them to swim
-small blood trails if a dino is injured badly
-.....why can you ride a phoenix.....
-in constant extreme conditions your fortitude slowly raises due to becoming used to those temperatures, and when exposed to the opposite it immediately starts to go down
-all dino eyes reflect light in the dark, while troodons and other dinos who's eyes glow in the dark just glow, somehow there could be a difference you could see
-being able to pet all of your dinos!

I'm sure there's more that I just haven't thought about at the moment. 

Now don't get me started on S+. I honestly just really want S+ features to be in vanilla ark, especially for us console players who don't have access to it. Ark building can be really frustrating and really hard. There are also some building materials that aren't available on regular ark that would work so much better.
I hope you agree with me on some of these and feel free to add on or argue with them.

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