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Like Dodos, Like Equus

Ark Mobile


I have been breeding dodos and equus for a while now, and would like to point out: 

1. Dodos increase in size, larger than either parents, upon breeding a pair together. They level up with every generation.

2. Equus do not level up in Equus Power (similar to Dodo Size) upon breeding a pair together; rather, they just take the Equus Power of one of the parents, not leveling up at all. 

My suggestion: It would be amazing if Equus could level up in Equus Power, gradually increasing despite the original limits (regarding the parents’ power). Similar to the dodo, there would be a gradual increase with every generation. Therefore, those who are mainly focused on breeding won’t have to go track down and tame hundreds of Equus. And all in the hopes of finding a Thoroughbred to continue the bloodline of future descendants.

Anyone else’s thoughts? :)

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