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  1. TheHarlequin77

    Question About Giant Hatchframes

    Last time I tried it, that is correct. A quetzal can go through the open hatch frame without doors, but with doors it can't.
  2. TheHarlequin77

    Question about dinos.

    In my experience, fliers will land nearby if there is a suitable landing site available within a certain range. If not, they will hover until they are recovered, are attacked, or unclaim. This goes for water, as well as very high altitudes even above solid ground beyond that landing range.
  3. TheHarlequin77

    Ice Cave Wolves

    Actually, I thought about that after I posted this the other day. It's been a long time since I've revived anything in single player, so I'm not sure. That may not be the problem after all.
  4. TheHarlequin77

    What should be added to ark Mobile

    Yeah, you're just dreaming with most of that. Impossible to do with current mobile technology. I'm just excited to get the things coming in Ark 2.0. Dungeons, eerie creatures, boss battles, and tek crafting/building will be enough to keep me busy for quite a while. As far as things I would like to see beyond that, I would like to see ovis added. They would be extremely useful for taming any type of carnivore. In addition, it would be nice to have one of the ocean caves if the game eventually gets optimized enough to handle it.
  5. TheHarlequin77

    Fabricated Sniper Rifle on mobile.

    In addition to a possible reward from an extravagant gift, it should be available as a high tier drop from fishing (asc rod, amber bait, 3.0x fish). But it's very difficult to find and catch 3.0x fish, and even then, getting a specific bp from quite a few available high tier drops would make it extremely difficult and time consuming to get by fishing.
  6. TheHarlequin77

    Ice Cave Wolves

    If you flew to the ob immediately, the implant was still on cool down. You can't revive a creature for 15 minutes after it is killed.
  7. TheHarlequin77

    ARK Mobile 2.0 Reveal

    I don't know if you all already have plans to include a map with each dungeon, but these dungeons will take hours if not. You may already have plans to include maps, but if not, I have an idea that would give the map as a reward for playing on the island, rather than just giving it to players via twitter or something. Make the map a reward for tributing animal parts at an obelisk. It would make the map a small quest in itself, and it would give a use for all those animal parts that we all just toss because most of them are completely useless. It could be something like a navigation kit for the dungeon. However you do it, I'm super hyped about Ark 2.0! I'm already stocking up on weapons and gear for dungeon running, and I can't wait for release!
  8. TheHarlequin77

    Feeding through assistance please.

    Cooked meat has less food value for animals, but it lasts much longer in a trough. Therefore, you will have a lot less spoilage, which is usually the main cause of food loss in a trough. If you have an industrial grill and can cook meat in large masses, it'll save you a lot of hunting because your feed troughs will stay full much longer. As far as herbivores, veggies give more food value than berries, but like raw meat, they spoil quickly (not to mention they are much more difficult to obtain). I just use berries in the trough for herbivores. Mejo are best because they have a slightly higher food value than other berries.
  9. TheHarlequin77

    Best caving Dino?

    Most players on my server use cave wolves because they are cheap and easy to obtain at high levels. Personally, I prefer sabers for every cave except Skylord. I have a line of sabers that currently top out at over lvl 300 (med difficulty), and I can easily solo the yeti cave in a fight-through rather than a speed run like people do with wolves. I do have a 240 armor saber saddle bp and equip them with gold collars. I commonly have to use my cats to assist other players using max lvl wolves in the cave because their wolves take heavy damage. I've demonstrated many times that a lvl 300 saber is a far better cave mount than a lvl 450 wolf. But you have to selectively breed them up instead of just killing one and reviving it like they do with wolves. Selective breeding takes a great deal of time, which is why no one does it.
  10. TheHarlequin77

    I can’t get the nirvana tonic recipe

    I've run the swamp cave probably close to 30 times, and I've only gotten the nirvana recipe once. It's extremely rare.
  11. Hello, I've been playing Ark Mobile since last July, and I'm a level 97 player on Massive NA PVE. I've also played a lot on other official severs, private servers, and single player. I first want to say that I love this game, and I love what you all are doing with it! I am, however, really discouraged at the moment. Fourty three days ago, I decided to try to unlock the Ultimacy Graft by holding a 50 day daily pursuit streak. I was less than a week away when I got the daily pursuit to hunt a leedsichthys. I immediately knew my streak was over. I've since spent over 6 hours searching and doing mass kill-offs in areas that I know from other servers are leed spawn sites, and none have spawned. I've spent countless hours in the seas of Ark Mobile across multiple servers and single player, and there is a very clear problem with certain marine animals not spawning on official servers. Most serious players know this, as well as Ark Mobile partners and content creators on YouTube. It is not at all difficult to find things like leeds and tusos on single player or private servers, but for some reason, official servers just don't spawn them, or do so very rarely. I've heard of only a single tuso spawning on Massive NA since last July. Leeds spawn very rarely, but they can be days or weeks between spawns. Honestly, it's much easier to find the supposedly very rare and elusive Liopleurodon on Massive than it is to find a leed or tuso. I understand that 'fixing' the oceans in Ark is probably a large task for the dev team, and it probably isn't very high priority with all that's going on. But having daily pursuits cycling in the pool that involve creatures like leeds or tusos that are known to be problematic on many servers is very unfair to dedicated players. This leedsichthys pursuit is essentially a guaranteed streak break on Massive and many other servers for all but the most fortunate of players. Having a 24 hour window to hunt a creature that may not spawn for days or weeks at a time forces dedicated players to break their streak through no fault of their own, and many of us have worked hard for weeks to maintain our streaks. I've accepted that I'll have to start my streak over from day 1 after getting to less than a week away from unlocking Ultimacy. But I really would like for the devs to consider solutions to this problem. I can offer 2 suggestions that should require minimal effort from the devs. 1. Simply remove or suspend daily pursuits that involve problematic creatures like leeds or tusos until the spawning problem can be solved. I hate to suggest removing game content, but in this case, it can really save dedicated players the discouragement I'm facing at the moment. 2. Add an option to auto complete daily pursuits for amber. Of course, since amber is the reward for daily pursuits, there would need to be a net loss for just auto completing to prevent a cheap way of getting rich. But right now, I would pay a considerable amount of amber to keep my streak going long enough to unlock Ultimacy. Even if it was a very expensive cost, it would give players an alternative to a guaranteed streak break when daily pursuits like this come up, or even if they simply don't have time to do a certain pursuit. And it would help generate revenue for the game. Whatever the solution, I hope the devs will consider how this is negatively affecting players on official servers. Thanks again for a great game!
  12. TheHarlequin77

    pvp Harlequin's Server

    Unfortunately, I had to close down the server. Thank you for your interest.
  13. TheHarlequin77

    pvp Harlequin's Server

    I have a 6 player server, PVP but we play by PVE rules with no raiding for a safe environment. I do enforce that rule. The server is configured primarily for breeding. Server is Medium difficulty with XP gain set to 1.15, 1.5 harvesting, max settings on breeding and imprinting. We currently have about 3 or 4 active players, so I'm looking for a couple of players who would like to play on a safe server. Reply here if you are interested, and I'll get you the password for server access. Hope to see you there!
  14. TheHarlequin77

    Ark client out of date. No updates on AppStore.

    Refresh your update list in the app store by dragging down on it
  15. TheHarlequin77

    Private Server Update

    I wish. It's crash fixes, a few minor modifications, and now double tame limits on small private servers