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  1. TheHarlequin77

    Green dye

    Try rearranging the ingredients in your cooker's inventory. Sometimes, creating recipes that contain the same ingredients takes rearranging several times to get the product you want.
  2. So I was hunting black pearls with my mosa at the bottom of the ocean near Herbivore Island when out of nowhere, this insane wild tapejara started attacking me. I had ammonite rage active, but I have no idea how or why a tape 'flew' underwater to attack. It was entertaining, however.
  3. I don't know if you all already have plans to include a map with each dungeon, but these dungeons will take hours if not. You may already have plans to include maps, but if not, I have an idea that would give the map as a reward for playing on the island, rather than just giving it to players via twitter or something. Make the map a reward for tributing animal parts at an obelisk. It would make the map a small quest in itself, and it would give a use for all those animal parts that we all just toss because most of them are completely useless. It could be something like a navigation kit for the dungeon. However you do it, I'm super hyped about Ark 2.0! I'm already stocking up on weapons and gear for dungeon running, and I can't wait for release!
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