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  1. I'm a sabertooth breeder, and I use cats. Before wolves could equip headgear, my cats were superior even to max level cave wolves. That said, after they gave the wolves a head equipment slot, they basically made every other small mount in the game obsolete, including sabertooth. I enjoy and support the dev team, but that was a really bad choice. Now, a lvl 10 noob can tame a max lvl cave wolf and equip it with a m/c or ascendant flak helmet, and he can go anywhere and attack just about anything in the game. Players on my server laugh at me because I still use the cats that took me months to breed up, while they are in fact inferior to an armored cave wolf. I have hope that they will rebalance wolves at some point because they have really broken the game.
  2. TheHarlequin77

    Green dye

    Try rearranging the ingredients in your cooker's inventory. Sometimes, creating recipes that contain the same ingredients takes rearranging several times to get the product you want.
  3. According to the Wiki, dodos 1.56 and larger can drop feathers. Feathers are a rare alternate 'feces' drop, so like eggs, they have a rare chance to drop instead when the animal poops. That being the case, having an oviraptor buff helps increase feather drops quite a bit, as does mate boost. I had a flock of 4 female dodos and 1 male that were about 1.8. I kept them with an oviraptor and on wander. I would get an average of 2-3 feathers per real life day. They decompose after an hour on the ground, so you need to check and collect no later than once per hour.
  4. Quetzal platform bps should be available in high-tier drops from fishing. But catching a high-tier fish is extremely difficult, so much so I only know of one person who has done it (or at least claimed to).
  5. Equus power can be bred up. The mechanics of it aren't well known, but breeding high power equus together can and does result in higher power offspring. I've seen both equus and unicorns with bred up power over 8.00, and according to the wiki, power of 13+ is attainable through breeding.
  6. It seems like a 'humane' thing to do, but in terms of logic, ark animals are just programming. Wild animals despawn after a certain amount of time passes, so why create a special function for tames to go wild only to despawn? It does absolutely nothing except complicate the game mechanics so that people who can't realize this is just programming can feel good about themselves.
  7. I've encountered a lot of them on Frozen Fang (mountain at 20,53) and Far's Peak where Griffins spawn. I play official, though. Single player should be the same, but I know from experience that official servers spawn lots of things differently than private servers or single player.
  8. Well I revive tame creatures all the time, even now on the island. Amber is easy to get, and reviving something in a cage is much easier and more efficient than field taming. I will be revive taming lots of things from the dungeons, including troodons.
  9. In Single Player, it's called God Console. You can give yourself infinite resources, speed up time, and even level yourself and your tames to insane numbers. And after you max out your game in one day, you'll wonder why you even played in the first place.
  10. Sometimes, the auto login popup doesn't work for some reason. If you use the filter buttons in the lower left corner, you can filter to easy, pvp, an region. You should be able to find the server in that list, and yes, you will continue where you left off in that server. If you join another server, you will need to start another character unless you do a character transfer.
  11. I definitely would like to see ancestry trees added. I've been a serious breeder since I started playing last summer, and I have to keep my creature records in out-of-game spreadsheets to track mutations. And it's a serious pain in the butt.
  12. I was replying to the person who commented yesterday. And it isn't like the mobile forum is so active that older posts will spam it up.
  13. In order to get blueprints from fishing, you have to use an ascendant rod with amber as bait. I've tested it a bit, and it seems that 'standard tier' blueprints drop from fish over 2.0 size. I've obtained blueprints from salmon, ceols, and piranha over 2.0. I'm not sure at what size 'high tier' blueprints begin to drop because I've never been able to obtain one. It's probably about 2.5 or 2.75. One of the players on my server has landed fish that big and obtained high tier blueprints, but it's very difficult. Unicorn residue is only used to catch leedsichthys for an eerie candy blueprint.
  14. TheHarlequin77


    I don't know of anyone on my server who is looking forward to troodons coming to the game except myself. I was thinking that troodons would be much more useful and popular if they could be used as a shoulder mount. They are a bit larger than most current shoulder mounts, so maybe if they could be bred for size it would be better, like with the shoulder mountable dodos. How many of you are excited for troodons? And if not, would you be excited for them if they were shoulder mounts? Either way, I think they will be an interesting addition to the game, and I hope they keep their unique taming method from PC/Console.
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