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Nintendo hasn't add a dinosaur character they have yoshi but hes not realistic or inaccurate Nintendo would add a Jurassic park character but they will immediately get copyrighted by universal studios so what if I ask the fans if their ok with it or hype of a character/main character enters in smash bros


Image result for human from ark survival series  

human is the most obvious character to make it in he or shes moveset would be the primitive spear or a primitive pistol or a primitive bow theirs slide smash is hunting stab down smash is spear attack final smash he or she summons a forest in the battlefield with human with a torch burning forest to the ground


Image result for ark raptors 

the raptors would be a controversial character due to it being a dinosaur its moveset is claw stab from down smash up smash jump attack slide smash claw smack

final smash raptor pack where its honk honk and brings the raptors into the stage to attack unlucky fighters


Image result for ark mammoth  

And finally the most unlikely to fans for smash is woolly mammoth some much hate like Steve people doubt the mammoth would make it in

anyways moveset truck attack for its slide smash down smash stomping tantrum final smash mammoth herd attack basically a herd of angry mammoth with cutseen of the them chasing the stage to attack unlucky fighters

possible spirit the dodo bird 

assist trophy dire wolf stage the center

music ark's megapithicus boss battle theme

item prop cryopod summons dinosaurs from ark hunting knife used as melee ark mii costumes rockwell boss costume king titan boss costume homo deus kid friendly version costume archelon costume deinonychus costume deinosuchus costume domination rex costume Xiphactinus costume brachiosaurus costume Amargasaurus costume gorgonopsid costume scutosaurus costume Acrocanthosaurus costume lindwurm costume Cockatice costume concavenator costume ignisaurus costume velonasaurus costume snow owl cos mammargarma costume enforcer costume for bosses ice titan and forest titan would be great anyways ark fans give me a response and what do you think of this

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