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  1. what the fudge wildcard? Like the sinomacrops a YouTuber name syntac force people to vote for the bat so I think this dinosaur vote is trash I wanted the bison but syntac ruined it #SyntacCheated
  2. Boogus Syntac rigged the vote for the bat the giant bison would have won if syntac never existed
  3. About The New Creatures vote for Ark Fjordur, when will we a voting poll?
  4. to people who don't get it Borealopelta: its back was covered in heavy, armored scales, and a pair of 20-inch-long spikes jutted from its shoulders. It weighed 1.5 tons and was 20 feet from foot to tail. And it probably couldn’t swim very well. On land, countershading is a common trick among animals that need to hide from predators, like deer, antelope, and wild horses. But once prey animals get big enough, their bulk provides them with enough defense—that’s why rhinos and elephants are just uniformly gray. Borealopelta bucks that trend. It’s rhino-sized, and much bigger than any counters
  5. I would think if they are neanderthals to the game I should very likely be playable then tamable maybe another option to play basically you have an option to play as neanderthal in ark that would be cool
  6. absolutely think this is a good idea please make it happen
  7. Borealopelta: Remember Ankylosaurus That rock grinding animal I think it is time for a Varient Its a famous dinosaur that was mummified in Alberta Introducing Borealopelta Mark Mitchelli Borealopelta would Introduce a New Feature Called Side Spikes a Better weapon Advantage Glyptodon: Remember Doedicurus That Armadillo Doedicurus Is Lacking A varient Why Not Glyptodont there are clubbless dinosaurs Now Its up to both the comment section and Wild card to figure this out
  8. Hi loadcrysis im a new fan of you im subscribe to your channel anyways When will we get new dinos for console? LoadedCrysis
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