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Hi I’m MrGuy, AKA Dragoon, I’m level 76, and I am 22 years old. I’m EST. What I’m good at is a difficult question, I started Ark a month ago, with no tribe experience, and here I am now with that same affliction. I’d love to join a tribe that can show me the ropes on just how tribe-play works. I’m active everyday for a few hours, Sunday’s more than the rest. I believe I have a charisma like no other! That’s what I can bring to the MIB, some great vibes and willingness to learn, and help propel the tribe forward with good attitude! I didn’t have a last tribe, been soloing and getting wiped on Ragnarok the whole time I’ve been playing. Everyday I come home I look forward to seeing if I was wiped. If so, rebuild, it’s just some friendly competition, and hopefully with a tribe I can do more raiding and fun stuff instead of just building lol.

PSN: DragoonKnight168

please add me if you have any more questions!

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