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A few suggestions for Ark


You should definitely rework the Dino AI. Creatures just wander around aimlessly and don’t have any real animation except walking or idle. It would be nice if they would really eat out of feeding troughs with an animation where they put their head into the food istead of just “teleporting” the food into their inventory and eating it from there. And there is no mating animation: I know that it wouldn’t really be “family-friendly” if you added one, but it would really be more realistic. We also need an animation and an action when mammals give birth (like screaming with a “pushing” animation) instead of them pooping babies out like nothing. And I think dinos set on passive should flee when being attacked and when reaching low health, because I lost a passive Brontosaurus because of one single Piranha. I hope you'll take into consideration a few of my suggestions for the next update!

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