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A Big TLC on Wyverns


Make each wyvern look more unique (example: have them different sizes) just basically make them not look like the same mannequin with different clothes. Also, give them new ability's like have the lighting wyvern be focused on quick one hit attacks give them a dive bomb like a griffin but the speed would build up their electricity and when it hits the ground it releases a big electric explosion that deals damage and shocks everything in an area like a bolt of lighting and maybe make it a bit faster and little smaller.

And have the poison wyvern be focused on stealth make it half its size and give it the ability to secrete a huge green gas cloud that acts as a smoke bomb and dilo spit and increased stam.

Have the fire wyvern be focused on being a tank give it the ability to light its whole body on fire dealing damage to anything near it increase its health make it a little bigger or keep it the same size.

And the frost wyvern be focused on being a protector give it the ability to activate an ice aura that gives itself and dinos around it a temporary ice skin shield that increases defense and slows them

This will make wyverns more interesting, useful, and unique and hopefully, make them more relevant

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Posted (edited)

this is just all of the suggestions on wyverns I have thought of over the years my main thing is each wyvern is just a different skin on the same frame I just want them to look more unique and maybe change up their sizes ( i don't care too much about sizes)

and I never stated this was based on anything but my own opinion

and the other stuff was based on the addition of the managarmr

and I know the whole new abilities thing has almost no chance of becoming a thing

this just to remove confusion and most questions

Edited by Silvaeger
forgot some stuff

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