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Weigh In: Options for the future of Primitive+


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Unfortunately Prim+ has pretty well been left to rot and @Cedric and the other devs don't seem care enough to even try it seems, too busy with Ark2. Lack of interest seems to be the main reason for lack of fixes but lack of fixes is the main reason for lack of interest. They decided to take Prim+ and make it official only to abandon it when they didn't wanna play with it anymore.

I would love to see Prim+ updated and fixed but I don't see it happening. I'd even pay to have it as a dlc. I play on PS4 so I don't have access to any mods or the like where I can have all the seeds or the extra recipes.

Ark has become nothing more than a race to tek as another member said and I kinda hate it, it gets boring fast once you reach Tek. I love the challenge Prim+ offers but once again even if I were to rent a server to play it on with friends the amount of work around I would have to do to make sure items and craftables are available to people would take me a hot minute just to even begin trying to fix to the best my abilities.

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