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free trial mTxServ - High Performance CPU 5GHZ, Free trial 24H - Starting $11

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Hello !

mTxServ is a gameservers provider with 10 years of expertise in server hosting.

At mTxServ, we think it's important to let you do a free trial without any restriction. Try our services for 24 hours !! ?

  • Free trial of our ARK servers for 24 hours
  • Instant setup
  • Overclocked Intel i7-7700K - 5GHZ
  • Friendly configuration & administration with our management panel
  • Easy installation of your mods
  • Switch to another offer in one-click
  • Scheduled tasks
  • DDOS protection
  • API for developers
  • 10 years of expertise in gameservers hosting


Our ARK offers 

  • STARTER - Up to 10 players
  • COMMUNITY - Up to 30 players
  • MAX - Up to 250 players

See ARK offers https://mtxserv.com/host-server/ark




Management panel :




Servers Locations :

  • Montreal, Canada
  • Londres, United Kingdom
  • Francfort, Allemagne
  • Vint Hill, USA East
  • Paris, France



More on https://mtxserv.com/host-server/ark



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Hello dinivity763,

Our offers are packaged, meaning the slots given is the max slots you can configure :

  • 1-10 for Starter
  • 1-50 for Community
  • 1-250 for Max.

RAM isn’t limited so we provide resources to fit your server’s needs.
You can easily change the max players in just a 1-click, here is a GIF showing it :


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