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  1. [PvE] DINOPLEX:ISLAND [CLUSTER][x3] Hi all, my name is Peter, i am Youtuber and Streamer, also owner of DinoPlex, ARK community CLUSTER which consist of 3 moded 70 slots ARK servers that are in one cluster. Multipliers, breeding, hatching x3. Cluster is without mods on 16 cores Xeon Dedicated Server Machine. DISCORD: www.discord.me/macola SERVER IP'S: [PvE] DINOPLEX:ISLAND [CLUSTER][x3] [PvE] DINOPLEX:RAGNAROK [CLUSTER][x3] [PvE] DINOPLEX:EXTINCTION [CLUSTER][x3] Rules: One base per player or per tribe (if more players) is allowed. Keep server clean, land griefing (pillaring) is forbiden. Remove temp. structures or all of yours will be deleted by admin. Play fair and enjoy your stay :D.
  2. Thx for such an answer with explanations. I am using ARK Server Manager nad SSD NAS drives. I did setup like 6 servers, but then i have relized that actually i need only 4 server for my players to be able to defeat all bosses etc. So we bumped out slot to 120 and tested it, for now, everthing works like i charm. As for backups there are automated, and i dont store backups older than 5 days because i beleive that i would never need them. Currently i am at 1Gbps ethernet, for now i cant upgrade better, but for 4 servers with 120 slots each, i find it more than enought. One more time, thx for such a great answer.
  3. Yeah, just use other websites for searhing. I was using Nitrado for 2 years, server was never listed ingame.
  4. Hi there, my name is Peter, i am 34 yrs old Microsoft Certified Professional, Yotuber and Streamer, before all of that a father and husband. Also owner of Dinoplex ARK community. I am here to exchange my knowledge and help if needed. You can find my links bellow: Youtube Channel Twitch Channel Dinoplex Discord
  5. Hi there, so i got myself a root server runing on Windows Server 2016 with these specs for my ARK community. I am planing of making a cluster including all official maps. By your opinion and experience how much ark servers can this machine handle: CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2667v2 (12 cores) RAM: 64 GB SSD: 120GB Network: 1Gbps
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