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modding Wildcard Workshop #10: User Interfaces


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Here it is, the home stretch for getting this User interface in place. Settle in, this is a long one.

There are some important things to note about this video. This is just one way to implement a user interface and was the most appropriate for the project. We'll probably see other ways to implement them in future videos.
Some things to consider would be, if your UI is expected to be viewed frequently it may be better not to dispose of it, but just remove from the viewport and keep the references alive so that you can re-add the same UI, it may have actually been worth doing this here and I may make those changes in a future video.

We briefly touch on the use of Blueprint Interfaces as well, note that these are not visual interfaces like our end objective for the video, but a useful communication system for blueprints to talk to each other. We will talk more about them in the next video.

You can find the mod files for this video here: User Interface Project Files

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