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For anyone looking to join this server I'm here to tell it like it is.

It's great.

I'll admit, it's a little quiet but that's because it's new. Server is smooth and the admin are great. They keep a close eye on the server to keep things ticking over smoothly. When some people came along and built random stuff then abandoned it they took care of it.

I had a door and bed broken by them by mistake during this clean up. What did they do to fix it? They gave me another bed, personally came by to apologise and clear up any confusion and even gave me a trike to help me get on my feet.

That action alone has determined that I'm staying here.

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18 minutes ago, Dmitry said:

Gamertag - ALYAKING5.

Would love to try this server out. I have never played a dedicated server.

It's a really sweet server, there's not a thousand bases clogging up resources and supplies. There's tons of dinos around, it plays smooth and the admin are very friendly.

Purge event happening Saturday for those looking for your PvP fix and let's face it, who isn't intrigued by the idea of a server wide purge? Just remember to keep your dinos on passive to prevent them going extinct again :P

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9 minutes ago, Dmitry said:

I got a question. Are there any community bases/areas?

Not yet, well not that I've found. But the people seem to be friendly enough so I don't see why something like this couldn't be implemented. As mentioned above, PvP is contained mostly within the purge time.

I wasn't able to play often so for a few days I was just in an undefended thatch hut, no raid.

If you wanted to start a community base I'd be happy to help. We could set up community mining stations close to the mountains for everyone to use.

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8 minutes ago, Dmitry said:

Im thinking of starting one when i get on the server that way everyone can use it and it will be easier to make metal there instead of bringing it back to your base. Also another question. Are we able to carry wild dinos on our birds or no?

The server has PvP settings so you'll be able to carry dinos with your birds. My trike was dropped off yesterday with a Quetz.

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