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pvp ARKofWAR.net (since 2015 / 1400+ member community)

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AoW ARK Cluster Dec12 - DAY 0 INCLUDES Aberration
Members of The ARK of War
The resurrection of AoW to the TOP OF THE CHARTS is about to begin!

TUESDAY DEC 12 - Will be DAY 0 on the cluster (Island/Ragnarok/Aberration)
Get in before everyone else, know the server IP, be ready to go, before those tribes that fumble around servers wondering if it's worth staying on it.

You can tweet and post the following URL wherever (future normal website to be made)
http://AoWAD.TheARKofWar.net (Dropbox account NOT needed to view or download)
off the mainsite

Ask yourself the following, and if you answer yes, to any of them, then . . . JOIN !!

Do you Twitch stream, need a smoke break? Run this AD
Need to goto corner store for snacks? Run this AD
Want something to VOD play on Twitch on your channel ? Run this AD
Need to eat breakfast, lunch, or supper? Run this AD while away

Want your friends to join you on Day 0 ? Show them this AD, and JOIN !!
Want PvP ? But can't find any good competitive tribes out there ? JOIN !!
Feel the need to have tribes on a cluster and transfer stolen goods ? JOIN !! 

I mean come on AoW ARK servers have been running since 2015 (24+ months), if that's not commitment to having a server up 24/7 @ $140/mth on professional hosts, then what are you looking for? Official, with no admin support? (Donations welcome, and needed, but not demanded)

The possibility of an "Event Server" (stand alone) where your prime character, tames, and items are not at risk, could reward you with prizes for the main cluster.
Tribe Wars, Amazing Race, Search/Destroy and Capture are events that could be run.

A videographer to capture a "Survivor Series" show that can capture your tribe attempting a Cave Run, or Boss Battle (able to be watched afterwards to the tribe participating)
a prearranged real Tribe War (with approval from both sides) 

The Videographer would be independent and unbiased, providing NO INFORMATION to the server as it happens (video available post battle to the server, or parties involved)

Are these things you see on other servers? If not, get it here!


What are you waiting for ?!?! 

Only acceptable answer. . . "The DLC to release"

PS - You don't need to have Aberration paid DLC, to get on, Island and Ragnarok will need tribes too! Aberration items and creature CAN be brought out of Aberration
Longevity requires a high population, and that's why I made the AD which needs to get circulated by any means. More Bobs, more big tribes, more everyone.  If we ALL / EVERYONE, friends, foes, allied, bitter enemies , and goats, PROMOTE the AoW Cluster, then we can expect a robust population. With that big population, and more engagements, the trickle effect will be slowing down advancement to heavily defended bases, or Boss battles, and TEK.

That's a GOOD THING!

Am I nuts?

No, and the reason is if no one can advance faster then anyone else, then no one can become dominant and able to wipe

RETWEET for more awareness, and more population (Dropbox account not needed to view or download)


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