Xbox Update Delayed

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9 hours ago, DmpTrkDrvr said:

I wasn't expecting the update till Valentines Day anyway, so this doesn't bother me.. I really want tribe alliances and beer but it will just be that much sweeter to pour myself a beer on valentine's day...

Tribe Alliances aren't in the next update.. Prolly another 40 days until that one

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Wow yall complain too much... the game is still in pre release. They are trying to make it flawless. Those of you who are ok with being patient good on ya we will be playing the new updates soon enough.. the argument that you've waited a month already is dumb if you've waited a month you can wait a few for days... the ark des don't owe you anything. If you don't like it stop playing it. It won't hurt them at all seeing as how you already payed for it you aren't taking money from them... 

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