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  1. Is anyone else having issues with the sounds on the center map? I just started playing and I have no tool sounds or water or jumping sounds.
  2. Idk why Im shocked at the fact that it's 10gb but that caught me off guard lol
  3. Did u do a hard restart or just a normal power down? Edit: it worked like magic lol
  4. I'm so sad right now. It says updates released but it hasn't updated for me yet. Lol
  5. Well ya that helps too but didn't they say we would get other mods as well? I know not right away but like the anunake genesis mod and stuff like that
  6. Ya that's right. I have a frind who lives in England he's 6 hours ahead
  7. Does anyone know when the mods will be available for xbox and how we will be able to use them?
  8. I'm in iowa so I'm just patiently waiting just like you lol. These next 7 min are gonna be hell lmao
  9. CAN'T WAIT! I've been watching Slipg8er play on the center and it makes me so impatient haha. But I shall hold strong till its here.
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