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pvp NEW EU The Island - PvPvE - Low rates/High breeding

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Only started a few days ago! A brand new Island server for people who like the grind, but prefer faster breeding.
Its a PvPvE server, orp is enabled. 

- Structures Plus
- Crystal Clear
- Classic Flyers
- Reusable Plus
- Death Recovery Mod
- Gryphons
- Minor Stacks
- Better Herbi/Carno Island Spawns

- 5x taming
- 3x harvest
- 2x experience
- 35x baby maturing
- 20x incubation
- Max Dino level 180
- Max Player level 100

There is better quality drop and fish loot, and less stamina/food/water consumption. There are enough engram points for you to be able to learn everything.

If you're interested you can join by adding the following IP in your favorite list:

Or through battlemetrics[www.battlemetrics.com]

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