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  1. Wukken

    (plz help) Hyaenodon Taming Trouble

    The easiest way to tame a Hyaenodon, in my opinion, is to build a taming pen with a higher part made out of hatchframes. The hatchframe part should be one wall higher than the foundation and either 1x1 or 1x2 so the doggo cant walk around too much. This way you can crouch under him, you can still pet him but he won't see you. Unless you come out of the crouching position
  2. Oh man, if you start passing out while playing ark you really should take a break! Sleep > ark What I would like to forget is when the alpha on our official server started a fight with BLDX and they came to wipe the entire server. One of the members was livestreaming it on twitch, so I could see the massacre happen We got all our important dinos off the server and managed to rebuild quite well in the end, but the horror of seeing it all go down without being able to do a thing was just no bueno. (Ping rose up to 250, it became impossible to just walk around let alone try and, for example, snipe someone)
  3. Wukken

    Any tips/ideas for interior design?

    Other than the tips that are already given, I would try to create different rooms for different purposes so it feels a little more cozy. Also I like to add paintings to my builds. On official I dedicated a wall to all the kibble recipes, it really added some color without overloading the base
  4. Wukken

    Breeding help

    Like Sondemon said, mutations are random. However, you can try to breed up parents with the exact same stats and level? That way when hatching eggs, you can see the mutations easier. Any mutated dino will always be 2 levels higher than the original level (unless you get a double mutation, but that is veeeeery rare)
  5. Wukken

    Tips for starting in a PvP SERVER

    Depends, official or unofficial? If you're starting out on official I would try to stay hidden for as long as possible, try to find a server with a relatively friendly alpha or join an already existing tribe. If you're starting on unofficial, look for a server with very clear rules and active admin(s)
  6. Wukken

    Should I cheat?

    Maybe you could consider turning up the imprinting scale? That way even though the stats you start with might be average, you will end up with a good enough megatherium army to take on the broodmother.
  7. Wukken

    "When I was a newbie..."

    I have seen many mistakes in this topic I also made x) (taming efficiency, whats da?!) These are two I hadnt seen yet; - I took me several months to figure out that the use for a spyglass was to see the level of a creature... I would always just fly/walk close to it and try not to get eaten *sigh* - I didnt know dinos could gather resources other than meat/berries, I was mindblown when I got taken on a metal run in my first tribe
  8. Wukken

    screenshot Castle build

    Thank you
  9. Wukken

    screenshot Castle build

    A couple screenshots from a castle I build on ragnarok unofficial pve. Mods used ark S+, Castle, Keeps and Forts, Advanced Rafts and Eco RP decor (the little flags in the distance)
  10. Wukken

    screenshot Trying to build a house with Castles Mod

    Try roof toppers and indeed gable pieces
  11. Wukken

    Best color mutation

    My latest creation
  12. Wukken

    Most important dinos and Farming

    Go for a high level one, melee damage matters too next to the gathering levels The one I mentioned has 600+ melee
  13. Wukken

    Most important dinos and Farming

    I kind of miss the moschops in this list. Perfect for gathering organic polymer imo. On scorched earth our moschops gets 200 polymer from one mantis, its a little fat goldmine