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Just started a new 15 slot server today! MME Hosting - Rebecca's Server

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So I just started a new server today MME Hosting - Rebecca's Server

I am hoping all will work out still working out if I broke something adding in my alterations but these are the few settings I have added with the server peoples help to my game. I have increased mating interval and egg hatch speed however I have not adjusted breeding imprint timers as couldn't work out how! Its a PVE server too so no PVP! I like to build and keep my buildings intact and pretty!

Game.ini Settings

Transfers of players/items/dinos allowed same for uploads (as of right now I may close that down at times depending on what people bring over with them!)
XP x 3
Harvest amounts/rates increased
Dino Taming x 10
Resource Respawn instant
Cross Hairs enabled
Player Location Enabled
Flyer Carry Enabled
Flyer Stamina Regen when standing on the bird Enabled
Titan Feeding Enabled
Max Tamed Dinos increased to 4000
Server Saves every 15 minutes
Dinos increased to Level 350 wild max with the Override code!

I have no password for this server! I hope you will join me for some fun PVE and enjoy playing it :) Will cya around sometime!

Please let me know here if you plan on joining the server!

Have fun!

BTW its an Australian Server! Still getting it up and running properly as it isn't showing up half the time right now!

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