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The Primal Warriors


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The Primal Warriors

Hello everyone KaijuLord here and welcome to my new fanfic, The Primal Warrior’s. This is a reimagining of my earlier attempt at a story called The Primordials. If you want to know why i changed it check out my description at the end of the chapter. Without further a do, enjoy the story


The Primal Warriors




The sun began to rise over the large island known as ARK. As the life-giving rays bathe the surrounding land, many of the fauna begin to start their day. The herbivores, large and small, begin to move down the river to first get a morning drink and then begin foraging. And also always stalking the herds are the ever present carnivores, always looking for an easy meal.

Like the rest of the island, the areas near the ocean also began to start the day. But the start of the does in these areas does not start with the rising sun. It begins with the morning cries of the Ichthyornis. These seabirds are slightly larger than pigeons and general have the appearance of seagulls except for one feature; the rows of teeth running down their beaks. As the birds begin to wake up and move around, they also start to call out to each other. Soon the entire beach is alive with the sounds of squawking. All the noise soon wakes up one of the many island predators.

Resting on the branch of a large tree, the creature begins to wake up from its nap. Measuring over 15 feet long and weighing a little over 1,500 lbs, the creature had the appearance of a feline. But there were quite a couple characteristics that distinguished it. It had light, leathery skin with darker stripes running down its sides. While mostly hairless, it had a comb of light reddish fur running down its back. But it’s most distinct feature was its skull. Measuring at over 60 centimeters, it had rows of massive fangs, including a pair at the front that were over 16 inches long. All in all, this creature was the largest predator in the area.

Realizing it wouldn't be able to get some more rest from all the squawking, the predator let out a loud yawn and lept from its branch. Walking on all fours, it moved down to the nearby creek to get a drink of water and relieve itself. After all was said and done, it went down to the beach to look for anything that might have washed up the night before. Although it was quite an efficient hunter, it had neither the mood nor the energy to hunt anything, relying on scavenging. By the time it started looking for something to eat, the sun was pretty high in the sky, bathing the entire  beachfront in a bright light. After a couple of hours walking along the beach, the creature noticed a glimmer in the distance surrounded by rocks.Thinking it was a large fish, it walked towards it until it was 30 feet away from it. It soon realized that it wasn't a fish but something it has never seen before.

The “thing” in the sand had the appearance of the giant apes found further inland but had some differences to it. It was completely hairless except for a mass of hair on top of its head. It was also significantly smaller than the giant apes. The glittering was coming from a bright grey rock embedded in one of its limbs. As the creature continued to observe, thinking if it should or not eat this strange beast, the thing began to wake up. Not knowing if it was dangerous or not, it moved behind a nearby large rock. It listened for several minutes as the strange thing was making noise until it could here it moving away. It looked around the rock to see the thing move towards the tree line. Making up its mine, it waited a few more minutes before following it from a distance as they both moved more inland.


Alex’s P.O.V.


Alex was at a lost for words at his current situation. The last thing he remembered was going to sleep and the next he wakes up on some tropical beach. Normally that would be a good thing for most people and he was no exception. The only reason for concern was HOW THE HELL DID HE GET THERE. After he got over his shock, he noticed a strange object embedded into his arm. After trying to get it out for a couple of minute, he  quickly realize he risked permanently damaging his arm if he has to remove it. He then looked around at his surroundings to get a basic idea of where he was. He was on a sandy beach surrounded by large rocks. In front of him was a tropical rainforest and took his back was an ocean. Noticing he was starting to heat up from the sun he started to move towards the trees for better shelter. As he moved through the forest, he noted that the sounds of the forest sounded different than what he was used to, but he soon pushed that to the back of his mind.


What did you expect this is a jungle, he thought to himself.


As he moved further inland, he noticed a large hill up ahead, he climbed it to get a better view and try to find any signs of human civilization. When he got to the top however, he was met with a breathtaking sight. A river was snaking through the forest until it emptied around a large object floating in the sky several miles away. The object had a similar design to the thing in his arm and was emitting a green light. But what caught his attention the most was what was below him. Along the river were several large extinct animals, from dinosaurs to prehistoric mammals. He can also make out the long necks of sauropods breaking through the tops of trees. There were what appeared to be at first large birds (but now he had a pretty good guess at what they really were) flying through the sky. The sight before him was something straight out of a science fiction novel. It was one of the most beautiful things he has ever seen, but there was one thought moving through his mind.


“Where the hell am I?”, he mumbled to himself.


Unknownst to him, at the bottom of the hill further in the forest, he was being watched by a pair of yellow eyes.


Alright now that was the first chapter to the start of my story. Now i have a couple of things to clear up if you're interested in. This is a revised plan of my original story, The Primordial’s, and I decided to change it for a couple of reasons being 1. I had some serious writer's block and 2. I didn't like how the story was going to play out with the first story. Anyways i hope you all enjoyed this first chapter. Leave a comment or leave any questions and i'll do my best to answer them. Also as a little bonus can you guess the mysterious creature that’s following Alex (hint: this creature lived in real life but hasn't officially been announced by the devs.


One last thing to note is that as the story goes along i’ll be introducing more characters. I already have two OC’s already, one that has been introduced already with this chapter but i can't find anyone else. Sooooooooo i’ll be creating another topic soon that lets people post their own OC’s and they become part of the story (with the creators permission of course).


Thats all for now folks and stay tuned for the next installment  of The Primal Warriors.


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Hi everyone Kaiju back with the next installment of The Primal Warriors. As a quick notification my little secondary topic for OC’s will come out around the time i post this chapter. So with that out of the way let's get back into the story.


Chapter 1: Getting Started


After getting over his initial reaction, Alex continued to watch the scene before him for a couple more minutes then he descended down the hill looking for someplace to collect his thoughts. As he was moving further downhill, a million thoughts were racing through his head.


Great, just great i go to sleep in my comfortable bed and wake up the next morning to find myself nearly naked, an alien object in my arm, and stranded on some dinosaur island, he thought to himself.


As he continued sifting through his thoughts, he begins to hear the sound of running water. Looking forward he notices a creek further ahead. As he watches the water flowing through the creek, a strong thirst begins to creep up in his throat. He begins to move faster towards the water until he is practically right on top of the stream. He soon gulps it down quenching his thirst. After he fills himself up on water, he begins looking around the area looking for shelter. He soon spots a good size rock overhang creating a sheltered area underneath nearby the river. He inspects it looking for any animals that might be living there but all he finds are some old bones in the corner. All in all, in was quite a dreary place. Welp, i guess this my home now. Knowing he was going to be here for a while, he begins to make his new home more livable. Ok first things first, build a fire.

He begins moving around the area looking for materials to start a fire. Fortunately, nearly everything he needed was in the general vicinity. He collected several stones to make a little perimeter and also collected both wood and thatch as fool. He now had a small campfire in the shelter but with nothing to light it. Getting an idea, he gets a piece of rock and starts chipping away and another rock to try to find flint.Sure enough, he soon has a good supply of flint for future use. Now that he has something to light the fire with, he moves back towards the campfire to try to start it. After several minutes and attempts go by he is soon rewarded with a warm fire. Now that was out of the way, he sits back and begins to inspect the strange object in his arm.

The object was shaped like a diamond with a diamond shaped light in the middle. He tried touching it seeing if anything would happen but all it did was light up a little as he moved his hand over it. As he continued to try and get a different reaction from it, he heard some splashing coming from the nearby stream. Startled by the sudden noise, he quickly grabbed a sharp rock to defend himself with. Several minutes go by without a sound. All of a sudden there was a wet sound and Alex dove out of the way as something went flying past him. He looked around the area trying to find his assailant when he was sudden knocked to the ground by something. He quickly recovered and, without even looking, slammed the pointed end of the rock into the creature, earning a sharp cry from whatever it was. This apparently was too much for it as it turned around when it suddenly collapsed, dead before it hit the ground. Alex, after taking a deep breath, got up and went to examine what attacked him.

It was a small theropod roughly the size of a medium sized dog. The top of its body had darker scales while its lower half had a more greenish coloration to it. It had some sort of a fin running down the end of its tail. There was blood coming out from its neck which indicated where he struck it. But the most distinguishable part was its head. The creature boasted to crests on top of its head and also a frill that was the same coloration as its underside. Despite looking strange, Alex was able to identify the dinosaur in front of him.


“A Dilophosaurus”, he said out loud, unable to be both amazed and slightly worried.


For starters, why was it small? Alex spent many years studying prehistoric life and past experience was telling him that this wasn't the right size for this particular dino. Dilos he knew where believed of stood as tall as a human, not coming up only to his thighs. Also despite popular belief, they never possessed any frills. This looked more like Jurassic Park than real life. Remembering what else that movie got wrong about them, he went to go inspect the mysterious projectile. It was a strange liquid that a greenish coloration to it. A sickly sweet smell was coming off of it. Venom. This confused him even more. It's almost as if whoever put me here got its info from a movie than from actually facts.

As Alex continued to observe the Dilo’s corpse, his stomached began to growl. It was then he noticed that he hasn’t eaten all day. He looked down at the corpse and had a crazy idea. Never in my live I would have thought I’d eat a dinosaur, as he began to carve the Dilo. He was never squeamish around body parts, having helped butchered  livestock back home. Out of hindsight, he made sure to keep the hide along with the consumable meat. He then went a little farther away to get rid of the leftovers so he wouldn't attract any animals. After washing his hands a little further down the stream, he went back to his shelter to start cooking. It didn't take long until the food was ready for eating. He cautiously took a bite out of the meat and was pleasantly surprised at the taste. Around the time he finished eating the sun was beginning to set. He noticed how tired he was and prepared to go to sleep until a sudden roar reminded him where he was. Luckily, it sounded far off but just to stay safe he moved closer to the fire. It wasn't for several more hours he finally fell asleep. While he slept, another island resident was going to sleep nearby as well. It decided to stick close as it was both curious at both the fire and how the thing killed the Dilo. Both man and beast fell asleep, waiting for what the next day had in store for them.  


The Next Day……


As the sun rises once again over the island, Alex wakes up from his sleep feeling both sore and cold. Reigniting his fire, he takes inventory over his meager supplies. All thats left is some stone,wood,thatch,flint,some leftover meat and the remaining hide. Putting the hide to good use, he makes sure its clean and makes some form of protection with it. He managed to create a sort of hide clothes to keep him warm at the very least. However, there was only enough hide for his hands and everything below the waist. After  he managed to craft some “clothes” he noticed a particular long piece of wood a little farther outside his cave. Quickly grabbing it along with some plant fibers from a bush, he crafted together with the sharp rock he killed the Dilo with a makeshift spear. As he stood up with his new weapon and clothes, he imagined that he looked very much like a stereotypical cavemen. Well what better place to look like this then on a prehistoric island, he thought to himself. He soon collected all his essentials and decided to move more inland to get a better layout of the land.

It's been a couple of hours before Alex managed to make it to a part of the river. The trek through the jungle had been a slow going. Although his hide “shoes” provided some protection, they didn't help all to well  moving through dense jungle. To make sure he didn't get lost, he made markings in trees and large rocks to make sure he knew the location of his cave. As he finally reached the river, he filled up his two water skins he drank on the journey. Made out of the last of his hide, he filled them up back at the creek before he left but with the hot steamy jungle around him he nearly drank all the reserves. As he filled up the last of his water skins, he heard what sounded like quaking and looked farther up river. There he made out what looked like a flock of some giant deformed ducks.

Standing around 4 feet tall, these strange birds had a long neck, webbed feet and short stubby flippers. Having mostly a brown coloration along the back with a white underside, they had a blue coloration around their eyes. Alex smiled, he knew these creatures anywhere. They were called Hesperornis,prehistoric birds that went extinct around the same time as the dinosaurs. He was fascinated at how they behaved like modern waterfowl. As he continued watching them he noticed several nests in the grass near the riverbank. Moving closer to get a better look, he saw several large eggs nestled inside them. He looked briefly back at the flock and grabbed a couple from the nest before they noticed. Although a couple of them squawked at him and tried to attack him, taking one step forward sent the running towards the water.  Satisfied with himself, he moved further inland away from the water happy with his prize. For future use, he made a little shelter to hide the eggs from unexpecting scavengers and marked the area they were at so he wouldn't forget them. After he secured the eggs he trekked on further up the river.

After another hour or so, he soon began to smell of rotting flesh. Slightly cautious as he noticed blood stains in the sand as he moved forward, he soon came around a bend and stumbled upon a horrific sight. A freshly killed and disfigured dead animal lay up from the river near some large rocks. To disfigured to properly identify the animal, all Alex could tell that it was quite a large beast. Knowing that the creature died recently, he became highly alert looking for whatever killed the animal.

As he was looking around the area for the predator, his heard something moving behind one of the large rocks. Before he could properly react, the monster moved into sight to guard the kill from him. Standing in front of him, massive jaws still dripping with the blood of its kill, was a giant hog.



Alright there was the first official chapter of the story. What do you think Alex is going to do against this monster. A quick little explanation for a certain part of the chapter. I know some of you are wondering about the choice of clothing Alex went with and are also wondering why he didn't go for cloth like the game? The real reason i did this because i wanted to create more of a realistic approach to the story. While in game, such a system is good to have an easier time of progressing with the crafting system, but in the story i didn't want some one just click their device and have an inventory and craft items in it. That also explains the reason for hiding the eggs. As i said in the top i'll be posting the OC topic soon around the same time as when this chapter goes out. Make sure you check it out and post your OC that might be in the story in the future.


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Greetings everyone Kaiju here and we're back with another chapter of The Primal Warriors. Sorry for the wait been busy with school and work. Now let's hop right into the story.


Chapter 2: A New Friend


     The monster standing in front of Alex was a terrifying sight to say the least. At shoulder height, the entelodont stood nearly as tall as Alex himself. Its body was covered in bristles and numerous scars running down its sides. It’s massive jaws, dripping with a mix of saliva and blood, could easily do some major damage, even might kill him outright. Alex noticed that, although looking terrifying, the animal wasn’t in the best of shape. The creature clearly hasn't eaten in a long time as evidence by its ribs showing. And as it keeps pacing around Alex, it has a noticeable limp in its walk.


     God damn, just imagine if this was one in its prime, Alex thought to himself before the entelodont roared.


     It was a terrifying sound, enough to make your blood to run cold (AN: imagined a pissed off pig squealing at you but in a much, much deeper tone), and it nearly cost Alex his life as he stood there stunned as the beast charged him. To his relief the distance from him and the noticeable limp hindered the pig’s acceleration and allowed him to dodge out of its path at the last second. The entelodont stopped a couple of yards away, roared and charged again. Alex got out of the way again but this time grabbed his spear and stabbed it into the side of the pig. Although he had a lot of force behind it, the beast thick hide absorbed most of the blow, resulting in a flesh wound rather that doing some serious damage. Unfortunately the entelodont felt it. Squealing in pain and rage, it kicked Alex with its hind hoof and sent him flying into a tree knocking the wind out of him. Due to the sudden shock, he couldn't do anything as the beast was bearing down on him.

     The entelodont moved towards the smaller creature, ready to finish it off. Since it didn't recognize the strange creatures scent, the boar’s natural response, well any response, was to kill it ( and possibly eat it later. But as it moved closer to the thing, its nose picked up a different  scent from the nearby tree line. As quick as lighting, a tan and red blur came charging out of the forest and latched onto the side of the entelodont, biting down onto its flank. It squealed in pain and attempted to get the predator off of him, managing to hit it with its hoof. The animal clearly didn't like that and jumped off the entelodont, clearly injured from the kick. As these two animals were fighting, a certain human was beginning to wake up.

     Alex managed to get up, still slightly dazed, as he soon noticed the brawl that was going on in front of him. To his left was the entelodont, with bloody claw and bite marks on its side. And to his right was a creature he couldn't recognize at first until he saw its teeth. Before he could react, the entelodont charged the new animal, which had signs of injury, to finish it off. Now out of his daze, he grabbed a sharp rock, which so happens to be the end of his spear, and charged at the overgrown pig, impaling it at the shoulder. The monster squealed in rage and turned towards him, taking its eyes off its opponent. As if on cue, the other animal jumped for its throat, managing to bite down around it. The entelodont tried its best to shake it off, but the creature was crushing its windpipe. Alex instinctively backed up, not wanting to get hit by either of the animals Several minutes passed until the pig gave one final cry before falling to the ground, dead. The other creature let go of the entelodont and turned its attention towards Alex.

     The said person freezed up, not knowing what to do. His spearpoint, still embedded in the pig’s shoulder, was to far away for him to grab it. But to his surprise, the creature turned around and limped away into the jungle. Alex almost let out a sigh of relief until the animal collapsed onto the sand, heavily breathing. Alex quickly grabbed his spearpoint and moved closer to the animal. He tried to get a better look at the animal, but a growl told him he was close enough. But even from his angle he clearly saw it didn't look good. He didn't see it at all during the fight but somehow the animal had a deep gash along its back thigh, making it difficult for it to walk. On its own it wouldn't last a day before something came along to pick it off. Alex moved in to finish it off until he saw it looking at him. The creature was staring at him with almost catlike yellow eyes before it passed out from the pain. Alex was soon faced with a difficult decision to make.


     How the hell am I going to take care of it? Im unfamiliar with the area and I might get myself killed just taking care of it, he thought to himself.


     But as he continued to come to an answer a sudden thought came to his mind. It saved my life. This animal, which probably has never seen another human before in its life, went out of its way to risk its own life for his. Alex couldn't let himself go through killing it because it got injured courtesy of his own mistakes. Now finding his answer, he soon went to work.


     Several hours later, near nightfall….


     The creature woke, slightly curious as were it was. A slight itching on its hind leg made it realized that it was wrapped up in some sort of fiber. It soon noticed a glow on the sand and say the strange ape sitting on a log next to a fire. The creature tried to back away into the trees, but pain shot up its leg, causing it to grunt. This noise alerted the ape which got up and walked towards it with something in its hands. The creature growled a warning, causing the strange animal to stop a few feet away. It tried to communicate in a soothing tone but the creature couldn’t understand it. Getting the memo quickly, it put the item it was carrying on the ground just within reach and walked back towards its fire. A couple of minutes later it decided to sniff the object and was delighted by the smell of meat and quickly ate the offering. Eyeing the ape for a few more minutes, sleep soon began to overtake it. It let out a large yawn before going back to sleep, not knowing the the animal that saved him was watching the entire thing.

      Alex was beyond relief when the creature woke up so he went over to give him some food. The animal growled at him so he tried to calm it down with some meat from the entelodont and went back to the fire, making sure the creature didn't hurt itself. He watched as it gobbled down all the meat, watched him for a couple of minutes before it decided to go back to sleep. Alex knew it was going to be a long time before the creature was healed up for it to walk on its own, so he decided to make camp here for awhile. Luckily, the large rocks surrounding the the beach and the relatively dense jungle prevented large animals from getting into the area. As for the smaller creatures, the fire alone seemed to keep them at bay.

     Throughout the day, Alex was working to keep the animal alive. He got a fire going in knowing he would be there awhile. His first priority was to take care of the gash. He cleaned off the wound managed to stitch it together with nothing but some fiber from some nearby plants and a sterilized sharp bone (AN: The author at this time is to lazy to write out the entire operation). As soon as the wound was closed he began to cut up the entelodont. Due to its massive size Alex had way too much leftovers so he had to move them farther down the river just so nothing gets hungry and comes into the camp. He however kept some of the meat and bones and also the hide, knowing it will prove useful. He put some meat on a skewer and placed in on the fire to cook he quickly ran back to his eggs hiding place to grab them and ran back not a moment too soon. He saw several little dinos trying to scavenge but they scurried off before he could properly identify them. While he was also cooking he repaired his spear and used one of the entelodonts teeth to make a new knife out of it. Knowing he was going to be there for a while, he made himself a sort of a lean-to as shelter so he wasn't far away from the animal.

     Speaking of the animal, during the whole process the creature continued to sleep, still unable to move. After checking on the injury, Alex was surprised to see the wound was already starting to heal. Despite this discovery, he still made a guess that the animal couldn’t walk for another couple of days but was still relieved it was healing. At the very least he wouldn't have to be here long.  

     After he was done with all his “chores”, Alex jumped up on one of the taller rocks to see the area around him. Near the entelodonts kill, scavengers were picking around the scraps, enjoying the feast. Further down the river, he saw what looked like a herd of ceratopsians, though he wasn't able to tell what species. They were on a larger beach, all lined up to drink side by side while the juveniles tried to squeeze in between the adults to get to the water. This went on for several minutes before a loud roar in the distance spooked them. The herd was acting nervous before the biggest one, most likely the Alpha, managed to get them to calm down and lead them through the jungle.

     Aside from the heard, nothing eventful happened over the next couple of days except for one night were a pack of predators tried to attack the injured creature. Alex never got a good look at them except for their bright eyes in the night, but they were clearly nocturnal as shown when they ran away from him with his fire. While he was taking care of it, the creature was beginning to get comfortable around him. Most likely from either the food or the constant proximity, the creature was used to Alex by now that it allowed him to touch him while it was awake.

     What surprised Alex the most, and scared the living hell out of him, was when he woke up one morning with the it  sleeping right next to him. It must have crawled up next to him during the night before and tried to try and protect him, after he saw all the footprints surrounding the campsite. The creature, which after all this time Alex can properly identify as some sort of gorgonopsid, woke up and let out a large yawn before getting up and moved towards its “sleeping area”, which was nothing more than a bed a leaves near Alex’s shelter.

     After another couple of days, the mammal-like reptile was able to move around on without any sign of injury, except for a scar running along its thigh. After Alex removed its bandages, still slightly cautious, and stepped back to allow the animal to move around. The gorgon walked around for a couple of minutes before it stopped and stared at Alex, wondering at what he will do. It was at this moment that Alex decided to say something.


     “Alright big guy, you're all healed up now you can go back to wherever you came from now”, he said to the animal.


     The gorgonopsid continued to stare at him, the only motion was when it slowly blinked.


     “I mean it, you don't have to stay with me anymore”, he continued to say as he started to back away from him.


     The gorgon continued to stare at him before it disappeared into the jungle. Alex breathed a sigh of relief before heading back to his original campsite. Luckily, his original markers were still up and he was able to find it in under a couple of hours. But when he arrived he was surprised that there was something else in his cave.

     The gorgonopsid managed to find his first shelter and was now napping on the floor. As Alex approached, it woke up and stared at him. Alex was confused on why it was here.


     “What are you doing here big guy, don’t you have somewhere else to go?”, he asked the animal.


     The animal continued to look at him before doing something that Alex didn’t expect, it purred at him. It was a quite loud but that was possibly do to its size. As it continued to purr, Alex got a crazy idea pop in his head.


     “Do you want to stay with me?”, he asked.


     The gorgonopsid purred louder as if it was some sort of confirmation. Alex walked towards the animal and sat down next to it, starting to stroke its mane. The gorgon seemed to enjoy it as it continued to purr louder.


     “Well i guess i'm stuck with you now”, Alex said but with a smile on his face. He enjoyed the moment with his new friend, not caring about where he was, just enjoying the moment of piece.


Alright everyone that was the second chapter, I hope you all enjoyed it. Sorry for the long wait since the last chapter. A combination of work, school and procrastination prevented this chapter from coming out sooner. So the mysterious animal was a gorgonopsid, which i’ve been hoping for a long time for Wildcard to announce. There will be other prehistoric creatures that aren't announced for the game which will be in the game. Anyways the next upcoming chapter will be different somewhat. As of this moment in the story, Alex is the only human on the island. But that will start to change overtime as more and more people will start to “appear”. Also there will be a planned timeskip as a heads up. On that note, see you guys on the next installment, PEACE!!!!!







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Hello guys Kaiju here back with another installment of The Primal Warriors. This took longer than my original plan but a lot of different factors came into play. With that out of the way let's get into the story.


Chapter 3: No Longer Alone


3 months later……


       It was midday on the island and the prehistoric inhabitants were enjoying the nice weather. Many herd animals were either grazing or were drinking along the many rivers that snake across the island. Even some of the larger predators were relaxing in the shade, either sleeping or looking out for any potential meal.

       In a large clearing in the forest on the southern end of the landmass, a herd of Moschops were grazing for food. Looking like chubby lizards, the reptiles were roughly a little larger than a human. With a massive gut that allows it to eat almost anything, they search for anything edible, whether it be berries, roots or the occasional lizard or two. Despite their appearance, they are quite mobile if they need to be, and would use it to their advantage to escape. They were cowardly by nature, as they will flee at the slightest show of aggression. As the animals continue to forage for food, they were unaware that just beyond the tree line, they were being watched.

       Alex stood on a low branch of a tree with an arrow ready to fire from his bow into the unexpecting herd. Over the past few months, he has adapted well to this strange land. Although he never was out of shape, his current slim figure was a sign of how much the land has changed him. Despite being stranded on the island, he only had a small beard that he kept in check alongside medium length hair.He also improved in the clothing department. No longer wearing makeshift hide, he managed to make himself a pair of full clothing out of horse hide from an primitive horse he hunted a while ago. To better hide himself in the forest, he attached large leaves to help him blend in. He also made some dye from the surrounding berries, helping hide his pale face and to make it look like the jungle scenery around him. This was proving to be useful this very moment as he was hunting the Moschops.

       He continued observing the herd, watching for a prospective looking one, exhaustion beginning to show on his face. After killing his first one a few months ago, he has sought after them ever since.The meat was delicious and with all the different kinds of food they eat flesh was stored full of nutrients. The problem was catching the damn things. Although at first the herd didn’t care for the strange creature, an arrow through the eye of one of them soon sent a clear message. Now every time he encountered the animals, they would run away before he could get a good shot off. Luckily he managed to finally track the herd to the clearing so he soon began to work on a plan. With his trap in place, all he needed to do now was to pick the right candidate for it.

       He soon spotted a large sow that was moving towards the treeline near him, munching on some berries from a nearby bush. Seeing his chance, he let the arrow fly and watched it hit his target’s side. Although the arrow didn’t do any serious damage, the Moschops started barking and ran away in the opposite direction. The herd, seeing the frenzied animal began to run away in the same direction into the trees. Most of them managed to make it into the forest. The only one left was the sow, which only managed to make it 10 feet into the forest before Alex’s second part of the trap was sprung.

       A large shape dropped down from a branch above and landed on top of the sow, biting down on her neck. The Moschops tried to break free from its grasp, crying out to its herd, but it was already too late. The gorgonopsid managed to bite down on the neck, forever silencing the animal. As it stood over its kill, Alex walked over to it and began to scratch its neck, causing it to purr.


       “Good job Diego, that was a nice kill you got there”, he said to the predator, which growled in all he could assume was in agreement.


       Ever since bonding with the gorgonopsid, it has proven to be a useful companion. It allowed Alex to hunt larger prey and to keep smaller predators away from his home. Diego on the other hand, which Alex named him the day it decided to live with him, was benefited with easier meals and a warm place to stay. They have been partners ever since, supporting each other to survive on the island.
Now that the sow was dead, Alex began to carve it up. After harvesting a serrated tooth from a dead theropod, his new knife managed to cut up the meat a lot easier than with his stone dagger. After cutting up all the essential meat and leaving the rest for the scavengers, he strapped some bags of the meat onto Diego’s back and carried the rest and soon began the trip towards home. Diego was not happy about both carrying something and that something was delicious meat. He was grumbling about it which drew Alex’s attention.


       “Quite your whining you will get some when we get back”, he told the gorgonopsid.


       Diego gave the equivalent of its species sigh and was soon on its way home. They walked for an hour until they reached their place. Over the past months, the simple overhang was transformed into a safe shelter from the more dangerous creatures of the island. The perimeter was surrounded by large wooden spikes to keep the larger predators from getting in while the smaller ones stayed away due to the presence of Diego. In one corner Alex managed to make a simple lean-to to store firewood and another part was a tanning rack and inside the overhang itself he stored all the tools and food as well as a small campfire and a sleeping bag to keep warm at night. And in the middle of the “base” was a cooking fire were you could use either a spit roast to cook meat or a cooking pot for other things.

       Alex went towards the sleeping area to store his things before he started the cooking fire to begin cooking the meat. He rewarded Diego for his hard work with a couple of pieces which the said gorgonopsid was happily eating. He soon started both cooking the meat he was planning on eating that night and preserving the rest. After he was finished with his tasks he sat down on a wooden stump which was his “chair” to relax and observe for the millionth time the strange device in his wrist.

       Although most of the time it was just a strange object embedded in his arm, every few min it will give off a soft glow around the edges. After all the time he was here he still couldn’t entirely figure out its true purpose. But he has been able to make two observations at the very least; that it was some sort of tag and that it has helped him stay alive in a way. The first one was the most obvious; whatever or whoever put him on the island had to have some way of keeping an eye on him. The second observation had been discovered later after he got injured from hunting. The device somehow helped speed up the healing process and allowed him to be fully recovered in a much shorter span of time. He also noticed many of the other islands inhabitants had a similar sort of healing factor, but he couldn’t find any sort of noticeable device.

       Alex soon stopped observing the device and turned his attention to Diego who was now sleeping after finishing his meal. The sight of the large predator, which could easily kill him if it wanted to, sleeping peacefully with a full stomach brought a smile to Alex’s face. Despite being practically alone on the island, his surprising friendship with Diego has been a great benefit for him both physically and mentally. It it wasn’t for him, he would have probably gone insane a long time ago and would have died. Noticing that the sun was beginning to set, he started heading towards his sleeping bag to get some rest for the night. Diego, sensing Alex heading to bed, got up and walked towards him and laid down beside the smaller fire and went back to sleep. Alex soon fell asleep to the sounds of the night side of the jungle.


Several hours later, around midnight….


       Alex woke up suddenly from a dream he was having to the sound of Diego letting out a low growl next to him. Assuming a threat was near, he quickly grabbed a spear to defend himself. Looking around for any telltale signs of a predator, his ears picked up what sounded like a bunch of squawking not to far away from the area. Alex let out a deep sigh of annoyance, the damn terror birds were hunting again. Although amazed at first at the giant birds, he quickly soon avoided them at all costs. The constantly tried to attack him and even managed a couple of times to injury him. Luckily, Diego has been there to keep them away for Alex to escape and allow his injuries to heal. Also they were very persistent, always hunting them until they couldn’t find a way to reach them. So far they haven’t found the camp yet but Alex was always prepared for them to stumble upon it one day.

       He continued to listen as they were hunting until a sudden thought popped in his head; they don't normally hunt at night. They normally hunted during day were it was easier for them to maneuver and not trip over. That left two options; they were either starving or something wandered into their nest. But all he knew at the moment was that he wasn’t going to get a good night’s sleep. He went to go sit on his stump and restart the fire, trying to get some warmth. Diego kept watch, making sure the overgrown chickens didn’t come to close to camp. As the two were busy going about their tasks, the birds sounded like they were going into a frenzy as they got closer to their prey. Alex was wondering at what they were hunting until he heard a new noise that made him jump and caused his blood to run cold. It wasn’t a sound he hasn’t heard in a very long time.

       It was a human’s scream.


Sam’s P.O.V


       She was running among the trees, trying to escape her attackers. She was having the roughest day of her life, starting with waking up half naked on some tropical beach. It would have been tranquil if it wasn’t for the giant turtle that was moving towards her. She let out a gasp as she scrambled away from it so she wouldn't get trampled Luckily the turtle wasn’t interested in her and continued foraging in some nearby bushes. Not taking any chances Sam moved further down the beach before finding some shade among palm trees. Not knowing what to do she stayed there in the shade for a little bit while snacking on some berries she found. Soon her thirst forced her to look for some water and found a stream nearby witch allowed her to get a drink.

       As soon as she finished her drink she heard loud rustling in the nearby bushes and she was startled by a large stegosaurus that walked out of the jungle. It watched her for a couple of seconds before lumbering towards the river to get a drink. Sam was both amazed and terrified at the same time at the sight of the prehistoric animal. Se moved further up the stream until she found a larger river. Thankfully there were no creatures nearby so she stopped under a large tree that grew next to a large boulder to get out of the sun.

       She stayed there for the rest of the day until around sunset, listening to the sounds of the island while also having a mental breakdown. All she remembered was going to bed in her apartment the night before and now she was stuck in some unknown, dino infested land. She took a deep breath to try and compose herself. It’s ok Sam, you figure this out one way or another. Noticing the sun was almost set, she climbed the tree to get somewhere safe for the night and then try to figure out what’s going on the next day.

       She woke up again around midnight to what could only sound like squawking coming from the jungle. Making sure she was in a safe place, she was on high alert as the sounds kept getting closer to her. A couple minutes later, and the source of the calls walked out of the jungle.

       It was a giant bird, standing almost 10 feet tall and covered in feathers that look grey in the moonlight. It had tiny wings that probably couldn’t support it flight but its long legs ended in massive clawed feet that looked like they could cut up a person with ease. And to top it off, it had a massive hatchet like head that looked like it could do some serious damage. It was easily a terrifying predator, probably able to take down animals slightly bigger than it.

       It strutted out of the tree line, trying to look around for any kind of danger even though it had poor night vision. Apparently satisfied, it gave a call back towards the jungle and moved towards the water. A few seconds later, and much to Sam’s horror, 3 more of the giant birds walked out of the forest and started heading towards the river as well. Sam scooted closer towards the trunk of the tree, holding herself close so she wouldn’t be seen. Although she thought she was high enough out of their reach, she didn’t know if they could find some way of getting towards her. Plus she didn’t want to spend the entire night with some overgrown chickens. She pushed herself backwards although unknown to her since her attention was fixed on the birds, she continued pressing against a branch until broke with a painfully loud snap. The birds lifted their head from the water at the sound of the noise and quickly looked towards her hiding place. There eyes narrowed and they charged the tree, squawking up a storm as they tried to get her. She was freaking out as they were trying to leap at her, a couple of times nearly touching the branch itself.

       She quickly looked around for either a weapon or a possible escape route as the birds were getting more ferocious. She saw that the boulder next to the tree was too large for them to get over and extended both into the water and inland and she made a quick decision. She jumped over the boulder and landed on the sand next to it on the other side. Moving quickly, she ran into the dense jungle, hearing the birds following her in pursuit. She ran for  what felt like forever until she reached the outskirts of a clearing full of tall grass. She stopped for a second, scared that she wouldn’t be able to see anything in the grass, but the cries of the birds changed her mind real quick. She ran into the grass, hoping to evade her pursuers in it. She stopped after she reached the middle of the clearing and listened for the birds. They stopped their loud calls but she could hear them moving through the grass, communicating with each other. Then all of a sudden, things go silent.

       A few seconds go by and Sam started to get nervous. She debated weather to stay put or move before all of a sudden, one of the birds came charging towards her with a loud cry. This startled her so much that she let out a loud scream and ran the opposite direction as fast as she could. She surprisingly made it to an opening in the grass near the treeline before something large behind her sent her flying into a tree. One of the birds got close enough to hit her with the side of its head, launching her into the tree.

       The impact forced the wind out of her, leaving her crumbled at the base of the tree. She must have hit her head hard because her vision was going in and out.  She tried to get up but felt pain shooting through her leg, giving a cry of pain as she fell back down. As she sat their in pain, all she could do was watch as the bird that knocked her down called its friends over. Two of its companions walked out of the grass and surrounded her ready to finish her off. But to her luck, what happened next was probably the greatest thing to happen to her all day.

       As the last of the birds came walking out of the grass, there was a loud roar and something lept out of the grass and clamped its jaws on its neck. Unable to shake the animal off of it, the bird was only able to let out a desperate squawk before collapsing to the ground. It’s companions turned around starting to shriek at the new threat. THe creature bared its massive fangs and growled at them, ready to attack. But before anything could happen, something pierced the head of the bird on the left, killing it instantly. To Sam’s shock, it was an feather tipped arrow with a third of it buried in the bird’s head. It remaining companions must of realized they were outnumbered and ran away into the forest.

      Sam was relieved at first that the birds was gone, but a sudden growl snapped her attention. She focused her attention on the new animal as best as she could before she slipped out of consciousness. At the last second before she blacked out she saw a figure emerge from the woods.


And thats the end of chapter. I will like to introduce you all to Samantha, the newest character to the story. I originally wanted to start this chapter after the latest update came out, but due to certain….. erhhh…… unrest with the community, I decided to wait until later. Plus i had to go on vacation for a while so that was another factor. Anyways Alex has saved another human which he hasn’t seen since he got stuck on the island. How will he handle this? Find out next time on the next chapter. PEACE!!!!


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Hello boys and girls Kaiju here and welcome back to another instalment to The Primal Warriors. Sorry for the long delay I have been very busy with school and such but let's forget that and let's get into the story.


Chapter 4: Hunting For Beavers


Alex’s P.O.V


       Alex was attempting to start a fire but his attention kept on focussing on the sleeping figure in his spare sleeping bag. It was the next day after the terror bird attack and Alex and Diego managed to get the girl back to camp. One of the birds managed to give her a mild concussion by hitting her in the back of the head. She was somehow lucky due to the birds normally kill their prey with one hit with their massive beaks. Although she managed to live, she is probably going to have one hell of a headache when she wakes up. Alex finally tore his eyes away from her and focused his attention on the fire one again. But his mind was in another place at the moment.   

       How the hell is there another human here? Shortly after his arrival on the island he attempted to search out for any humans on it. He did find some signs of humans, but the most shocking thing was that they were ancient ruins that have probably stood there for hundreds if not thousands of years. Aside from those he hasn’t found any sign of more “modern” humans. This doesn’t quite mean that there wasn’t anyone else left. The island was massive, Alex even suspected it might be closer to the size of a subcontinent. Despite its size, he has yet discovered any recent signs. That was almost 3 months ago and he just started to get accustomed to being by himself (well almost by himself including Diego) until last night.

       He had no idea how she got here since there was no signs of anything different in the area. He was slightly hoping that she ended up in either a shipwreck or a plane crash until he saw what was embedded in her wrist. Her implant further proved that there were higher forces at work in this strange land. As he was studying the implant, he also took note of her appearance as well.

       She was a beautiful woman nonetheless. She looked to be around my age but was shorter than me by a couple of inches. She had long red hair and was pale skin but that would probably be gone the longer she was on the island. She was dressed only in her undergarments that showed off her lovely body…

       Knock it off Alex she got knocked out by an overgrown chicken on some strange island. The last thing she needs is some some random guy ogling at her.  

       Due to being deep in his thoughts and not focusing on the task in front of him, it took him longer than usual to start the fire. After getting the camofire going he sat back for a minute and looked around camp. While the other human was recovering under the overhang, Diego sat nearby, chewing on some terror bird meat. Alex smiled, thanking to whoever was listing that he didn’t attack the girl on sight. Although he wasn’t aggressive to Alex himself, he hasn’t encountered any other humans before to Alex’s knowledge. He was still apprehensive around her though, occasionally eyeing her as he continued to eat. He was in fact curious of her, so much to the point that Alex had to give him the said bird meat just to keep him away from her when she wakes up.

       Speaking of waking up, there was movement from the sleeping bag as she began to wake. Alex noticed this and went to grab some food and water for her. But as he was preparing some food he heard a loud gasp and what sounded like frantic movement. He turned around and saw the girl pressed against the base of the overhang, staring with wide eyes at Diego. The gorgonopsid, thank god, didn’t overly react and all he did was stop eating and stare at the girl. Knowing that it was time to intervene, I started to walk towards her, trying to calm her down.

       “Hey hey hey it's ok he won't hurt you he was just keeping an eye on you. Look for yourself”, I told her, pointing at the animal. Diego kept on looking for a couple of more seconds before going back to his meal. The girl managed to calm down slightly but was still on edge, now scanning her surroundings. “Where-”, she started.

       “Your somewhere safe, or as safe as could get in this place. Are you hungry at all, thirsty?”, I asked her, silently thanking that she could speak english. She looked at me a bit apprehensively but a growl coming from her stomach changed the look on her face which sealed the deal. I went back to get the food while she turned her attention back towards Diego. After a couple of minutes she spoke up.

       “Are you sure he’s not dangerous?”

       I turned back towards her. “Well technically he’s still wild, but he’s used to humans by now so he is safe to be around”. I made her a bowl of some Moschops meat and berries along with a waterskin. She gratefully took it and wasted no time devouring her meal. After a couple of minutes and a few swigs of water, she finally spoke again.

       “Sorry I didn’t realize I was so hungry, my name is Sam. What is your name?”. She asked. I thought for a second if I should give her my name or not but I thought why the hell not. “Nice to meet you Sam my name is Alex and the overgrown scaly dog thing over there is named Diego. The said gorgon only growled in response, making Sam jump a little. I chuckled a little at the reaction, earning a glare from Sam.

       Changing the subject, I asked her if she was feeling alright. “Yes”, she said, “Although my end is hurting like crazy, what the hell hit me?”.

       “A terror bird”, I answered, showing her a skull of one of the birds. She looked on in disgust at the ugly thing, and i couldn’t have agreed more.

       “Great just great first it was giant turtles, then dinosaurs and now some giant killer birds, what the hell is this pl-”, she then stopped herself and finally answered the million dollar question.

       “Where is this place and how did I get here?”.

       I shrugged, giving her an honest answer. “Don’t know i almost ended up in the same situation as you have. What I do know is that wherever we are, we were put here by someone”.

       “How do you know?”.

       I showed her my arm that had the implant in it. She looked at it for a second then stared at hers for a couple of minutes. He didn’t know what will happen but he could see she was trying hard to process the situation and keep herself together.

       After those couple of minutes i got up and went to get some smaller cloth clothing that i had on hand (first time making clothes resulted in a lot of different sizes that were either too small or too large) and handed it to her. “Here”, I said, “this will help you keep warm and will let you be more…. Decent”. She was confused for a moment before she looked down and realized she was only in her underwear. She instinctively covered herself, grabbed the clothes and ran behind the nearby tool shed to change. Being close to the edge of camp, Diego moved to make sure she was safe, but I stopped him. “Easy buddy she will be fine”. Thankfully, he laid back down and promptly took a nap.

       After she got changed she spent the rest of the day asking him questions. Most of them were pretty generic; how long you have been here, how did you come across Diego,etc. She was disappointed that there weren't others on the island but I tried to assure her that there might be more coming since she's here now. It wasn’t until around the middle of the night when a loud roar farther west from their location made her jump in surprise.

       “Don’t worry about that, that sounded far away from here. The larger predators don’t normally come to this area”, I reassured her.

       “And what about the smaller ones then, do they come here?”, she asked.

       I laughed. “Yeah they try to get close to camp but once they find out Diego is here, they go running”, I told her as I scratched Diego's back. He let out a low purr that even made Sam smile. She excused herself to go to bed, as she still had a headache, with both the revelation of where she was and the terror bird attack. I set up an area earlier under the overhang with the spare sleeping bag. As she walked towards her sleeping bag she turned back around towards me.

       “Good night Alex and thank you for saving me back there”. She told me.

       I smiled back to her. “Good night Sam and you don’t need to thank me, you should always be chivalrous to a damsel in distress”, I told her.

       She smirked and headed off to bed. I looked in her general direction for a couple of minutes, lost in thought. Huh guess I made a new friend. As he was thinking he glanced to his side and saw Diego stare at me funny. “What?”.


One Week Later

Sam’s P.O.V.



       After a few days on the island, Sam still couldn’t fully believe that this was happening. She had to constantly remind herself that she was on an island full of dinosaurs. Sorry, prehistoric creatures as Alex likes to call it. She silently chuckled to herself and as she got ready for the day. Despite this new strange and dangerous land, she was lucky that she wasn’t a;one. She won’t admit it to his face, but Alex has helped her in more ways than she would admit. The first thing of course was when he saved her from the terror birds and took care of her. He also helped her understand to the best of his knowledge what was happening to her so she wouldn't stumble around blindly. And finally, he taught her how to survive on the island. Like today he was going to take her out on her first hunt.

       He already taught her how to make traps to catch the smaller creatures on the island. That was the easy part. The hard part was when one of the traps actually caught something and they took it back to camp to prepare it. To say she wasn’t ready for what came next was an understatement. Before coming here she lived nearly her whole life in the city. The closest thing she had to kill were bugs that got into her apartment. She nearly threw up when Alex gutted the first Dodo. Alex laughed at this which earned him one of her glares. He then got serious and told her that if she want’s to survive on this island then she has to get used to this kind of stuff. So she grudgingly helped him prepare the food to either be cooked or stored. As the week went on, she got more use to it but still disliked doing it. Oh well, only time will tell if I get over it.

       This time was different though. Alex told me there was a group of creatures called Castoroides nearby. I asked him what that meant and he said, with a straight face, were giant beavers. He saw the weird look on my face and laughed and said he wasn’t kidding. “Trust me, their beavers the size of bears”. To help me prepare for the hunt he helped me create my own bow and arrows. He also showed me how to make a supply bag full of extra food and medical supplies in case I got hurt. He also helped me make my own knife as well. That was yesterday and today after a good nights sleep we headed off towards the river.

       As we were walking towards the last place Alex saw them, Diego was walking further ahead keeping an eye out for anything that might attacked them. Even after being near him for a week, she still couldn’t feel a bit of nervousness being around him. When she first saw him, her first thought was that of a giant dog. When Alex told her what Diego actually was, she couldn’t believe that this thing was a reptile. She also noticed that he was more like a large cat like a panther than a dog.

       Their journey there was largely uneventful except when a Pegomastax decided to make itself known to us. The were some of the ugliest little dinosaurs she had ever see. Their back was covered in spiky feathers and their faces looked slightly pig like. Alex hated them since they are known to steal supplies from camp when he was gone. That’s how Sam discovered the little dinos hen he was out gathering supplies. They were also quite aggressive, like this one for example. It was barking at them and kept on mock charging them and just being annoying as hell. It stopped when Diego thankfully intervened and with one snap of its jaws it sent the little DireWolf running. We stood there laughing for several minutes before continuing towards our destination.

       As we got closer towards the colony, Alex pointed towards a large tree nearby. “Look”, he said, and as I looked I saw what looked like massive bite marks which made the tree so thin that it looked like it was about to fall down.”I told you, giant beavers”, he said with a stupid smirk on his face. I shuddered at the thought of taking down what ever damaged that tree, but Alex told me beforehand that they only got dangerous when you attack their young. I was still slightly nervous but managed to keep my composure.

       We finally reached our destination, small lake hidden within the jungle canopy a few miles from camp. It might have been a river once before, but the area has since flooded due to the large dam on the other side of the lake. Alex told me that this was a surprise find, since most of the beaver dams were normally a lot smaller due to larger ones being stepped on by the larger inhabitants of the island. Even from our position, I could see large creatures moving through the water. Seeing the animals even from here made me get more nervous. What if I can't bring one down? What if it attacks me? Alex must have sensed my nervousness because he placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

       “Hey you got this alright? If anything happens i'll make sure you're alright”. I nodded and moved closer towards the dam, keeping an eye on the beavers. As we got closer, I noticed that the animals were completely oblivious to us, even when we stepped into view.

       Noticing a decent size grey one, I pulled back the string of my bow and took aim. I waited a couple of seconds and then held my breath to better aim and then let the arrow loose. The arrow managed to hit the animal in the side but wasn’t able to kill the beast. All it did however was piss off the beaver. It began to thrash around in the water from the sudden pain and then began swimming towards us. The others, fearing for the safety of the kits, moved back towards the safety of the dam. The one I shot however, wasn’t having any of it. The large animal burst out of the water and came charging towards us. Now that it was fully out of the water I could finally see the size of it. It was exactly as Alex said, a giant beaver the size of a grizzly.

       As it continued charging towards us, we made the smart decision of running back towards the trees. Even as we managed to get back into the forest, I could still hear it running for us in the undergrowth. I was to focused on the beaver that I didn’t notice the root coming up on us until it was too late. I tripped and fell knocking the wind out of me. Somehow I managed to fall into a clearing. Alex stopped to help me back up but the beaver decided now was the right time to attack. Somehow Alex lost hi bow during the chase (seriously out of everything he could have lost that was it?) and was having trouble pulling his knife out. Great I thought to myself, death by beaver never thought this would happen to me.

       As the beaver leapt towards us to finish us off, a loud and familiar roar rang out through the forest. A split second later, Diego landed onto the back of the beaver trying to go for its head. I hadn’t noticed that, while we were running, he lept onto the many branches and followed us, waiting for a perfect time to strike. Even more like a panther I thought to myself.

       Even though the beaver was big, Diego was more stronger and more nimble than the aquatic herbivore. After a few minutes, it managed to get its jaws around the beaver, final putting it down. It landed with a thud but Diego wouldn’t let go for a couple of more seconds to make sure it was dead before finally letting go.

       Me and Alex just sat there and watched the whole thing happened. After a minute I suddenly start doubling over with laughter. Alex looked on with confusion and was probable wondering if I hit my head to hard. I noticed his face and tried to explain to him why I was laughing.

       “ I can’t believe….”, I say between laughs, “that we were…. Almost killed….. By a GIANT BEAVER”.

       He stared for a couple of seconds before letting out a chuckle himself. It was then Diego walked over towards Alex with something in his mouth. I almost bursted into another fit of laughter when I realized it was his bow, but I managed to hold myself together. ALex thanked him for getting it and scratched his head, earning a purr from the gorgonopsid.

       “By the way, how did you lose your bow?” I asked him. He looked away from me and back at the beaver, and I could have sworn I saw a bit of bashfulness on his face.

       “I might of….uhmmm…… dropped it while we were running.”, he said.

       I shook my head in disbelief. “You know i'm the one who's supposed to be a rookie here not you”.

       He countered back, “Well we all make mistakes in life. Sometimes it might be hilarious and sometimes it might get you killed”.

       I chuckled slightly, knowing he was right. I looked around the clearing and thought about something. Even though i'm stuck on some weird prehistoric island, at least I wasn’t alone. If I do make one of those stupid mistakes at least Alex will be there to help me. I smiled to myself, the situation couldn’t get any worse.

       “Hey Sam you know you have to help me cut this beaver up?”.

       Ok one thing could make it worse.


Alright boys and girls this is it for this chapter. This took a lot longer for me to do. Writing dialogue is HARD for me to do. Anyways I wanted something seem easy for Sam to hunt, but come on this is ARK, a place where giant beavers can rip you to shreds. Thats all for now tune in next time for the next chapter PEACE!!!!!!


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What’s this a chapter earlier than usual? Had a little more free time as of late so I thought why the hell not and get this out earlier. This is going to be strictly a Sam narrative this chapter so i'm warning you beforehand. With that out of the way let's get into the story.  


Chapter 5: A Trip to the Swamp




Several weeks later…….

Sam’s P.O.V.


      It’s been a few weeks since the beaver hunt, and things have been pretty good so far. Well, as good as it gets on the island. As I learn how to better survive in this land, with the help of two individuals of course, the dangers of the island seem less likely. Thats not to say that there isn’t any of course. Even the most simple and non dangerous tasks can mean the difference between life and death.

     Take fishing for example. A couple of days before, me and Alex went out to go catch some “Coel’s” as Alex likes to call them down by the river. I was bored from the very beginning, not understanding how someone can be so patient while just sitting there and hoping something would take the bait. Alex didn’t mind go figure, and he was perfectly capable of doing the task. Things got interesting however when something finally took the bait.

       It was about a half hour since we started. Bored I went to go stand in the shallows and be on lookout to make sure any predators didn’t come over and and think we were a snack. There was nothing in the area until I spotted a dark looking back swimming through the river a little upstream from us. It was moving along the water surface, slowly making its way towards us. I told Alex about this and pointed towards its direction, and he surprised me with a smile.

       “Don’t worry that’s just a Baryonyx, it’s only after the fishes, not us”, he told me, trying to dispel my worries. He briefly told me what exactly a Baryonyx was. Basically it was a medium size dinosaur that looked half crocodile and had a pair of massive claws on its hands.

       As he was telling me this, the pole, (which was really just a piece of bamboo with string attached to it with a makeshift wooden hook on the end), started moving. Alex saw this and went towards the pole. Whatever was on the other end was must have been big because Alex was having a hard time pulling it in. He managed to finally get it under control until the fish decided to jump out of the water to allow us to get an idea of what it looks like. I finally got a clear view of the fish and I immediately knew it wasn’t a Coel. 

       In the simplest of terms, it was a piranha. A piranha the size of a HUMAN. It had reddish scales and a massive jaw filled with razor sharp teeth. I was so terrified by it that I didn’t realize that when it fell back in it started swimming towards me. Alex tried to pull it back with the pull but the fish was so determined to get to me that it managed to yank the pole out of his hands. I could only look on in terror as it beelined towards me.

       I thought I was a goner until I heard a large splash and a large shape dart right towards the piranha. While we were busy with the fish we didn’t notice the Baryonyx swimming towards us. Thankfully Alex was right and it only cared for the fish. I almost felt sorry for it, once it was in the dinosaur’s jaws, it didn’t stand a chance. As the Baryonyx was eating the fish, I got a clear look at it. It’s body looked like a basic theropod design, standing on two, shorter arms and a good size tail. It was a dark blue that would probably look almost black from a distance with stripes along its back & neck and had a pale underbelly.  But the most interesting thing about it was its head and hands. Like Alex said, she could see its massive pair of claws, which so happens was helping it hold onto the piranha as it ate. And its head had the appearance of a crocodile, long and full of teeth perfectly designed to catch fish. It even had a little crest on top of its head right passed its eyes.

       Long story short a fish almost ended me if not for the help of a water dino. The lesson I guess is that even though something seems safe, it can can come around and bite you in the ass, almost literally, on this island.

      Also I managed to get a new friend from this whole experience.

     To my amazement, and despite Alex’s protest, the Baryonyx decided to follow me home. We didn't find out until the next morning until we heard a growl from Diego which woke us up to see the dinosaur wandering outside of the camp. It spotted us, (or most likely me now that I think about it), and came over to us. Diego was about to attack until it surprised us by calling out to us.

      It let out a short bark before sniffing around, soon turning towards our stored fish that we managed to catch and cook to eat later. It must have smelled the fish all the way from the river. Seeing it eye the fish gave me a sudden, and probably stupid idea. Against my better judgment and Alex trying to stop me, I went towards the stored fish, The Baryonyx kept its eyes on me the entire time. I pulled out a good size fish and walked towards the the dinosaur. It looked at the fish for a couple of seconds before snatching it out of my hands. It took all of my composure for me not to jump and run back towards the others. It finished the fish before looking at me again, its eyes saying it wanted more.

       I fed it a couple of more fish to make it satisfied, hoping it would be happy. Thankfully I was right, maybe a little to right, because as soon as I gave it the last fish it moved closer to me. I would like that I was wasn't scared out of my mind at the large head full of sharp teeth.

       But all my fear when away when the damn thing decided to bump me (causing me to stumble a bit) and start making clicking sounds. I started scratching it's snout, causing it to purr.

      Long story short, that's how Binda (Alex found the name to be funny, even though I reminded him the reason he named Diego) the Baryonyx joined our tribe. Alex wasn't entirely thrilled that we now had to share our small space with a predatory dinosaur, especially one that was picky with it's diet. Thankfully, Binda’s diet consist of things other than fish. Still, having a large animal stuck in a small space was problematic.

      Which brings us today. Now that we have another member of our little “tribe” we have come to the decision that it was time to move. Sure the area we were at was generally a safe area from the larger areas, it was kind of a cramped place also. It was fine with just Alex and Diego, and when I came along although the amount of free space got smaller but still was manageable. But with a much larger dinosaur, and aquatic one no less, it was time to find somewhere better suited to our needs.

       We weren't moving all at once however, but instead scout out the rest of the island. It was because of this that I learned that Alex hasn't explored the entirety of the island. The farthest north he had been was to the edge of a large swamp, (which is the reason he knows about the Baryonyx, since they are mostly found there).

       During the whole preparation for the surveying, I noticed that Alex’s mood seemed to be down, and I understood why. As long as Alex had been on the island, this little overhang of rock has been the closest thing to a home. Thinking of this, I couldn't help to feel guilty about the whole situation. If I haven't come along, then Alex wouldn't have to worry about from nd in a new place to stay.

       However when I voiced my opinions to him, he reassured me that it wasn't my fault for this situation.

       “Even if you were here it not, I still would have to find somewhere else to move. Besides, I have a feeling that the answers to whatever put us here lie deeper within the island. Which is the reason I have something that will make this trip easier for us”, he told me.

       “And what is that?”.

       “You'll see”.

       So on the day we went on our expedition, we had everything ready. We each had knapsacks full of food, clothing, and medical supplies and also carried a sleeping bag with us. The rest of the gear,(which consisted of some weapons, extra clothing, and some other miscellaneous things) was carried by Diego and Binda, but mostly the latter. Due to her much larger size she didn't mind the extra wait. Diego on the other hand, was not happy about the whole situation. I thought it was funny how such a large predator was basically having a little hissy fit over carrying something, despite it being as minimal as possible.

       Finally we went to a different route than usual and headed further upriver towards the deeper waters. It was there were I first discovered Alex’s little “surprise”.

       It was a raft, a good size one also. It was made to be large enough to hold several people on it and had a large wooden paddle. It had a large rock tried to it by a thick piece of rope, most likely some sort of an anchor. It was hidden under a bunch of palm branches to keep it hidden from unwanted attention.

       I turned towards Alex for an explanation. “When-”.

       “I made it a month before you arrived on the island in case of a situation like this”, he told me. He then moved towards it to start pushing it into the water. I helped him and we managed to get it into the water after a couple of minutes. Once it hit the water, to our amusement Diego jumped in and laid down right in the middle of the raft. We unloaded all of the supplies off of Binda who then waded into the deeper water to wait for us to take off. Thank god she was half aquatic since she wouldn’t have fit on the raft despite its size.

       Once everything was loaded and secured we took off. Alex grabbed the paddle and started pushing us along the river. He initially didn’t want me to paddle at all but after a quick argument we agreed that we would take turns so one of us could rest. As we moved inland, our other two companions were enjoying themselves in their own ways. Diego was taking a nap in the middle of the raft while Binda was swimming along side us and also looking for something to eat. I didn’t see her surface with anything until we passed by a flock of Hesperornis swimming and she surfaced with one locked in her jaws. I looked away as she went on land to enjoy her little “snack”.

       We were moving for a few more hours until we began to enter the outskirts of the swamp. I noticed that the water started to get more darker with plant life but still clear. The trees began to change from normal jungle foliage to large cypresses covered in moss. Alex said that mangrove forests grow closer to the coast. There was also a large amount of giant dragonflies in the area. She has seen many of them before along the more shallower parts of the river but never in this quantity. With wingspans as long as my outstretched arms, the giant bugs are quite the annoyance, always trying to scavenge off a carcass and aggressively chase after anything that tries to tamper with it. Although annoying Alex, god knows where he came up with this idea, has found use for them. The dragonflies chitin body has some use and Alex has used it to make a sort of cementing paste with it, helping him build some of the structures around camp.

       All around me I could see the amount of life in these wetlands. There were flocks of small pterosaurs of all kinds sitting in the trees, looking down at the water for anything to eat. Along the sandbanks and shallow waters large lizards with giant sails on their backs were sunning themselves in the midday sun. There were multiple giant amphibians either laying on partially submerged tree trunks or swimming through the water, keeping as much distance from Binda as possible. She might be the reason she hasn’t seen any of the infamous Kapros Alex talks about, smallish crocodilians that leap out at you from the water. She even saw, to her horror, a massive snake sunbathing by the water on the beach. It raised its head at the sight of us and let out an angry hiss, but didn’t approach.

       As we continued through the swamp, we moved through a dense area of cypresses that obstructed the view around us. I was busy paddling now, letting Alex catch some z’s. My mind kept on drifting towards the wildlife I saw when I was snapped back into reality by the sound of a falling tree and a large splash. I would have put it off as a dead tree falling over if not for the sounds in its general direction. I could hear something moving through the water and making rumbling noises. As we got closer I could hear a large amount of grunting. Getting creeped out, I woke up Alex to let him know. He was obviously not to happy about being woken up, but soon saw the worry look on my face. I told him what I heard before the noise started again. He smiled and as I started to ask him about that before he put a finger to my lips to shush me.

       “Shhhhhhh…..”, he told me before pointing around a bend. “Paracers”

       I was confused before we got around the bend and I got a full view of the “Paracers”. I was amazed by the sight at the sight of them. Looking like a cross between a elephant and a giraffe, these gigantic mammals were wading through the water to a nearby grove. Covered in greyish leathery skin like an elephant, they had a long thick neck that ended in a large head that looked like a hornless rhino. While the water would go to our necks, these creatures were so huge that the water only was past its knees of the largest one.

       There were 3 that were visible in the group, two adults and one juvenile the size of an elephant. They didn’t pay much attention to use as they waded their way towards the grove, most likely looking for something to eat. It wasn’t until they were moving past the raft that the second largest one turned back around and let out a call. It was then I saw one of the most adorable things ever, a little baby paracer trying to swim towards its mother. Despite it obviously being a baby, it was already bigger than the two humans on the raft. Despite its size, it still couldn’t walk through the water like the larger ones and had to keep its neck above the water. I laughed at how adorable it was as it tried to keep up with its mother. It managed to make it to much shallower water and stood there for a few seconds before looking towards us. It let out a call and to our surprise it started walking towards us. It would have swam right towards the raft if it wasn’t for its mother blocking its path before it hit deeper water. She must have smelled either Binda or Diego, or possible didn’t want her calf near the strange creatures. She prodded her calf towards the rest of the family which were waiting for them and then group moved towards the grove.

       We watched them for a few minutes before continuing on our expedition. We continued for a few more hours before it started to get dark. Luckily there was an area that was above the swamp that was easy for Diego and Binda to get over but would put them out of reach from the predators of the swamp and was to steep for the larger ones. We set up a campfire and laid down for the night, our two prehistoric companions sleeping around us to deter the predators that could get up here. We could hear the call of much larger creatures than the ones I was already getting used to by the old campsite.

      We spent the rest of the night talking about random things. Mostly I asked about all the different creatures I saw in the swamp. Most importantly about the paracers.

      “What kind of creatures are those?”, I asked him.

      “Well”, he said, answering my question, “think of them as rhinos that have the same body shape as giraffes and of course increase their size and thats about as good of a description I could give you”.

      I sat there, amazed that those creatures were related to rhinos. “Have you ever tried-?”, I asked, wondering if he has ever hunted them.

      He laughed at that. “No no no. You see the size of the biggest one? I don’t think I would have enough arrows to take it down. Also I would never attack one of the smaller ones, in case it angers its parents. Come to think of it, I don’t think I would ever hunt a paracer, there is something about them that is awe inspiring”.

       I silently agreed with him. Even though they weren’t the most good looking of creatures, their sheer size alone makes them a wonderful addition to the island. Although they were far from the largest of creatures (I have seen some of the sauropods from a distance), they clearly dominate their respective area of the landmass. Although it was an interesting thought, another thought suddenly popped up in my head.

      “Hey Alex can I ask you something?”.

       “Yeah whats up?”.

      “Do you ever want to return to your home?”.

      This caught him by surprise. “Of course I would want to. Why would you ask that?”.

       I thought for a second to form a good answer to his question. “It’s just, you seem to be in love of this place”.

       He let out a deep sigh. “Sam, have I ever told you of my past life?”

       She shook her head at that answer.

       “I was what people would call a dinosaur nerd, someone who was always interested in the past. I never denied it. In fact before I ended up here, I was studying paleontology in college. This island, despite its mismatch bunch of prehistoric fauna, this place is probable the best chance to see all these creatures living and breathing like the movies”, he went silent for a couple of seconds, “but I want to know why I am here. Something put us here and I want to know the reason why. I also want to go home and tell people about the discoveries I found here. Sadly I doubt anyone would believe me”, he sadly finished.

       Realizing that I had to cheer him up, I smiled towards him. “Well you got one believer over here”.

       He looked at me for a couple of seconds before letting out a light chuckle. “Yeah, thats true. Thanks Sam”.

       “No problem”.

       We soon went to bed to continue on our journey the next day, not knowing or caring what sort of events would happen to us.


And thats it for the 5th chapter of the story. I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to the tribe; Binda the Baryonyx!!! To be honest Binda was kind of a last minute add in but i'm glad to put her in regardless. On another topic I love paracers. Ever since I was a kid and watched Walking with Beasts, I fell in love with the relative of the Paracer, the Indicotherium (even though it was probable a Paracer). When I found out Ark was going to have them I was stoked. Now getting past all of my fangirling (or fanboying since i’m a guy), I would like to get on with the schedule of the story. Since school is almost over their might be more frequent updates but I can guarantee that their won’t be one until after the next PC update. Also I might post the story on Fanfiction. I will put the link for it once it is all posted. With that out of the way, leave a comment if you have any question, and I will see you on the next one.

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Hello everyone Kaiju here and welcome back to the next installment of Primal Warriors. Man this update v258 came by fast. As most of you know, Wildcard is known to push their update release dates further back and i was surprised it was mostly on schedule. Anyways enough of that, let's get on with the story.



Chapter 6: Things that Go Bump in the Night


Alex’s P.O.V.


       Early the next morning we already started to pack up and head out. Sam was not happy about this since she wasn’t an morning person. I couldn’t blame her, I wasn’t one also. Sadly, being on the island can affect your sleeping habits if it means life and death.

       Since we got passed the swamp, we traveled down a larger river through the forest until we came out to a much larger grassland. Although there were no animals by the river side besides some annoying Pegomastax, we could see the blurry shapes of some of the larger creatures off in the distance. We decided to check the more open area out and stretch some bit from being cramped on the raft. Although both Sam and Diego were fine with leaving the raft, Binda was not to thrilled. Being a creature more adapted to the rivers and swamps than open fields, it was easy to understand her unease. Although Sam wasn’t happy about it, we came to the decision to let Binda stay and “guard” the raft so she wouldn’t be forced to go into the grasslands. After all that was settled, we headed out towards the open grassland.

       To say I wasn’t nervous would be a flat out lie. This was uncharted territory, even for me since I have never gone farther than the outskirts of the swamps. I had no idea of what predators could be hiding out in the tall grass. The largest predator after the entelodont I have encountered were a pair of Carnos that were moving along the riverbanks looking for something to eat. They eventually saw me and I barely escaped into the dense jungle where i knew it would be difficult for the to follow. That was about a month after I was on the island and since then I have learned more about survival since then.

       This was different since the creatures of the plains were a lot different than the ones found closer to the coast. Since there was so much more space to move around, the much larger herbivores could be better suited here than the forests. And with large herbivores comes large carnivores.

       Sam noticed my behavior and tried to help.

       “Hey are you alright?’, she asked me.

       I looked at her for a couple of seconds before responding. “Yea, im just a little on the edge. Never been to this region and I don’t know what’s out there”.

       She smiled, “well, at least we both are learning something new i guess”.

       I thought for a second at her words. While yes it seems relieving that he won’t be facing this challenge alone, he didn’t know if that was good or a bad thing yet. But I pushed that thought aside to focus on the challenge ahead of us and we continued on our journey.

       Even though it was easier to move through the more open areas of the grasslands, we avoided it so a predator wouldn’t be able to spot us easily. Instead, we moved through the much taller grass that went as high as our heads, concealing us from view. This was also a danger, however, since any number of dangers could be hiding in the dense grass. But as we moved further into the grass, we quickly discovered there was going to be no trouble. We did hear plenty of movement in the grass, but it was always moving away from us. I was wondering about the cause until a sudden thought popped in my head. Diego. I laughed to myself for a bit. I guess these animals didn’t want to pick a fight with a full grown gorgonopsid.

       Although we were mostly out of danger, we moved quickly so we wouldn’t push our luck in case something big comes by. Luckily, there was a small grove of trees up ahead. We got there in about half an hour, covered in mud and scrapes, but were surprised when we discovered that we were not alone.

       Sleeping under one of the larger trees, with its back towards us, was a giant furry figure. Sam first thought it was a boulder until we saw that thick mat of fur covering it. We could see the gentle rise of it breathing as it slept. We tried to move around the animal trying to not wake it up, but apparently it’s nap was over a few seconds later. We could hear it yawing as it got up onto a sitting position. Even just sitting, it dwarfed even Binda when she was standing, then it turned towards us and I was amazed at what was in front of us.

       The beast was easily the size of an elephant, maybe even bigger. It was covered in thick, reddish fur with some paler hair tracing its face and it’s chest. It had a shot but thick looking tail resting on the ground. It had a small, horse like head, but the most distinguished feature we could see were its arms. They were fairly muscular, each as long as we were, and they ended in hands full of long sharp claws that could probably rip something to shreds.

       The creature looked at us almost passively before letting out a grunt, most likely at Diego and turned towards a nearby tree and started eating. It used its long claws and used them to pull down the tree branches which allowed it to reach the leaves with its long tongue. I watched it for a couple of seconds amazed at the sight of it. Although I have never seen one of these creatures on the island before, I immediately knew what it was.

       “Megatherium”, I whispered to myself.

       Sam heard me and turned towards me to clarify. “A what?”.

       I pointed towards the the animal. “Megatherium, a giant ground sloth and one of the largest land mammals to ever walk the earth”.

       Her eyes went wide. “You're telling me that this giant thing, this thing thats as big as an elephant, is a sloth?”.

       I chuckled to myself at her disbelief. “What did you suspect, that all sloths are slow, lovable creatures that just sleep all day?”.

       She looked like she was going to say something before she closed her mouth and looked away out of embarrassment. I smiled. Yep that's what I thought.

       As we were talking, the giant sloth finished eating and decided to move somewhere else. It got on its front limbs and moved towards the edge of the grove, where we could hear running water. As it lumbered off, i noticed that it didn’t walk on the flats of its hands and feet, but on their sides, probably because of the claws.

       We decided to camp out under the grove for the night due to its dense flora coverage that prevented larger creatures from getting in. Diego jumped onto one of the lower branches and climbed to the top of the tree to watch out for anything suspicious. We set up a small campfire and made some barriers out of the local foliage in case something gets curious of us. As Sam was finishing up her tasks I climbed up to the branch that Diego was resting on and observed the landscape around us. 

       To the east of the grove was a small river that ran around the grove towards the much larger river we arrived on. I could see the ground sloth by the water, getting a drink while also being on the lookout for any predators. In every other direction grassland stretched out, full of many different species of herd animals, many of them not sharing the same eras they are from. The closest herd near us consisted of giant Diprotodon.

       Relatives of wombats, these giant beasts were the largest marsupials to ever exist. At over 2 meters tall and built like a tank, this marsupial could easily crush a human. It was covered in shaggy fur from its head to its small tail, and it walk on all fours as it was browsing for shrubs in the field. There were six adults with three juveniles that were running around in the safety of the herd.

       I was watching the herd for a few minutes before Sam called down for some help. We worked on finishing the chores before dusk and soon got a fire going. I shot a Dilo that was looking for something easy to eat and now we were cooking it on the campfire for dinner. We spent the rest of our time awake talking about the sights we saw and potential new areas to set up a new base. Although the area we were in was a good place to camp, a base wouldn’t work here. Being this close to such open area is bound to attract some larger predator.

       After our conversations, we decided to go to bed so we could wake up bright and early the next morning, despite Sam’s displeasure. Diego, since he slept for most of the day, was wide awake on his branch and kept an eye out for anything coming. I closed my eyes, the last thing i saw was a roaring fire and Sam’s beautiful face.


A few hours later…..


I was woken up by a low growl from above me. I opened my eyes to see that the fire was still going but was low. I got up and was looking around at what was causing the noise until I looked up towards Diego. He was crouched low on his branch, watching something in the field, with his teeth bared. I was wondering what was happening until I heard a loud cry of pain coming from the direction that Diego was looking at. It sounded like one of the Diprotodon got injured. What scared me was how it got injured.

       Although the loudest thing out there was the marsupial, i could also hear hissing and some snarls from the tall grass. I woke Sam as quietly as possible, making sure not to alert the hunters. She woke up with a protest on its way, but once she heard the dying animal she quickly shut up. We grabbed our weapons and climbed the tree Diego was sitting into better observe the scene.

       The site in front of us was terrifying to say the very least. In the middle of a flatten part of the grass that was stained with blood that was visible in the moonlight, the Diprotodon laid. It was very evident that the creature wasn’t going to get up. Whatever took it down must of cut its stomach open, since its organs were partially out of its body. Even though it was on the verge of death, its cries for help were one of the saddest things I had ever heard. I almost went out into the field to put the poor thing out of its misery if it wasn’t for the predators nearby. Speaking of which, one of the stepped out of the tall grass into full view.

       It was a raptor, a big one to. I couldn’t tell what species it was but I knew it was one of the bigger ones. Standing taller than a human, the killer ran on two massive legs that bore the signature sickle claw on the foot. It had to arms that were perfect for grabbing onto a the sides of larger animals. They were covered in feathers, more prominent on the head, end of the tail and the arms. Since it was dark I wasn’t able to see the coloration of its scales or feathers. The dinosaur lept onto the dying mammal and bit down onto its head, putting the animal out of its misery. It called out to the rest of the back and soon five other individuals walked out of the grass towards the kill.

       I cursed to myself. Out of all the things that we could run into, it had to be the raptors. There were some that lived near the old base, but they never ventured near it. They reason was because of both me and Diego. They tried at first, but after we killed some of them. They learned to stay away. This is where I learned the intelligence of them. Unlike the terror birds, which are one of the dumbest things you could think of, the raptors were highly intelligent killing machines. However, they learned quickly that we shouldn’t be messed with and avoided the base all together.

       This was different however. While raptors near the coast knew who I was and avoided me, this pack didn’t know what I was, except a potential meal. I just hope they focused on the big herbivore and not us.

       Sam must have heard me cursing and tried to ask what was wrong, be I quickly put my hand over her mouth to shush her and whispered to her, “Raptors, don’t want to alert their attention”.

       Her eyes widened but she nodded in understanding. I moved my hand back and turned my attention back towards the kill site. She then whispered back to me, “Are we in any danger?”.

       I shook my head. “I honestly don’t know. I'm not familiar with this pack and they don’t know me. Hopefully they will be focused on the kill”.

       Of course I had to open my big mouth because as soon as those words left my mouth, one of the pack members lifted its bloody snout into the air and sniffed around. It didn’t take a few seconds before it turned its attention towards us. I could see its cold eyes locking onto mine even from this distance.

       “A hell-”

       The raptor let out a cry before charging at us. The other raptors heard it and looked towards its general direction. They then let out a cry of their own and charged at us as well.

       Thank god we had our bows ready and we soon fired them at the pack. We managed to get lucky with the first one since I could see it fall over with an arrow in its head (Sam would take credit for this later. I don’t believe her.) but the others kept on coming. Although we had weapons and a gorgonopsid on our side, we were largely outnumbered. Thankfully we were at least high up so they couldn’t reach us so easily. We quickly lost our advantage however, as two of the predators started climbing up the tree and were soon hanging onto the branch.We were ready to shove them off with spears before we heard, to our horror, a loud crack from beneath us. With the added weight, the branch couldn’t handle it and soon broke off. It was only ten feet up thankfully, but us humans hit the ground hard. Diego was already up and tackled one of the raptors which let out a loud shriek at us. Although Diego was bigger, the raptor was much more nimbler than him and put up quite a fight. The others quickly closed in on us.

       We had our spears out in front of us ready to defend ourselves. We backed up closer to the fire. As we were backing up, I tripped slightly but recovered quickly. One of the raptors however saw an opportunity and quickly leapt towards me. It knocked me down towards the ground and I barely had time to put my spear in front of me as a shield before it clamped its jaws down on it.I must have got its jaws stuck on it because it wasn’t able to bite down threw it. It was still clawing me up with its claws.

       Sam on the other hand was losing ground fast. Now that I was preoccupied, the others quickly moved closer to her. She let out quick jabs to keep them at bay, but they were getting over it and moving in closer, snarling at her. I could hear Diego still fighting with the first raptor but most of my attention was focussed on the one on top of me. I was starting to lose both strength before I could feel shaking around me.

       Suddenly, I heard a loud bellow and the raptor was thrown off me wide eyed and tossed into a nearby tree, snapping its spine, killing it. I turned towards my savior and all I could see was a mountain of fur and muscle. That was then i saw a pair of familiar claws.

       The Megatherium returned to its grove and was not happy about the raptors that were invading it. The three raptors that were going after Sam turned their attention to the new threat after watching their comrade die, and quickly charged towards the giant sloth. They swarmed it trying to take it down, but it was hopeless. They might be able to take down a much smaller Diprotodon with ease, but they stood no chance of facing a the much larger herbivore.

       The sloth let out a roar and grabbed the nearest raptor. It was shrieking and trying to claw out of its grip. The giant herbivore was unfazed and smashed its head onto the ground, breaking its skull and scattering brain matter everywhere. Another one of the raptors charged towards it, but it swept its claws out at it and the dinosaur was thrown back, with four massive gashes in it. Seeing its comrades dead, the last one called out towards the giant sloth before running off into the grass, learning quickly from its friends.

       The Megatherium roared at the retreating animal before sitting back down and licking the blood off of its claws. It then smelled the dead marsupial nearby and moved on towards it, leaving behind its carnage and two stunned humans.

       I turned towards Sam with a sigh of relief before wincing at the wounds I received. The raptor must have got me good. Sam saw my pain and quickly rushed towards me to help with my wounds. We sat down by the fire, amazed at the amount of power from the earlier peaceful herbivore and the destruction in its wake, when we jumped at the sound of something moving through the grass. We calmed down when it was Diego, covered in cuts and scratches with a bloody snout, but otherwise fine. Sam helped finish bandaging up my wounds before we decided to move further from the area towards the river. Once we got there, we went to check on Diego to make sure he was alright. After all was said and done we went back to sleep, knowing full well our “protector” would keep an eye out for anything suspicious.


Early the next morning…..

Sam’s P.O.V.


       I woke up early from our short night’s sleep feeling uncomfortable. I got up and quickly looked around at my fellow tribe mates. They were still sound asleep, probably wouldn’t be up for another hour or two. Nearby, I could hear the heavy breathing of the Megatherium sleeping. I smiled to myself, quietly thanking it for the night before, and decided to clean up at the river. We were much closer towards it since we moved spots, but I still grabbed a spear just in case.

       I soon found a shallow pool of water that was mostly open except for a couple of rocks and a patch of thick reeds on the other side. Making sure nothing was in there i took a quick bath to clean off and get all the grime from the night before off of me. As soon as I was done I put my clothes back on and started heading back towards Alex when I heard a slight rustling from the nearby reeds. Turning around back at them I couldn’t see anything in the plants but I knew better by now. I turned back around to head back to the grove I suddenly felt something prick the back of my arm. I winced for a second at the impact and checked what it was. As soon as I saw what it was however, my eyes went wide in both fear and revelation at what hit me.

       It was a small dart dripping with an unknown liquid.

       My vision quickly started to blur and I was stumbling about. I tried to call out to Alex but all of a sudden my mouth was covered with a gloved hand that smelled of a campfire. Right before I went under, I heard an excited voice whisper, “excellent, another one”.


And there you have it folks, that was the latest chapter of Primal Warriors. Dear god, that was a long chapter to write. I just wanted to tell you peeps a couple of things.


  1. Although the island is called Ark the landscape will be very different. If you are trying to looking for it on the vanilla map don’t bother.

  2. I really made the giant sloth different than how it's supposed to be. In game, it's described primarily as bug killer and nothing more. But come on, with a cool design, thats doing it some injustice. Plus in the dossier, you can see it laying waste to a raptor. That’s a clear sign that it should be much more.

  3. And finally the intro to the Diprotodon. This is my second OC prehistoric creature that is not in Ark, the second being the gorgonopsid, and their are more to come. I plan to make individual dossiers for them in the future, but that will be on the SurvivetheArk website.

Make sure you comment if you have any questions. And I will see you on the next one. PEACE!!!


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Hello everyone, Kaiju here and I have an important announcement to make. First off, you may have noticed that it's been awhile since I updated this thread. The reason is because I have decided to move the story over to Fanfiction.net. The reasoning behind this is because it's much easier for me to post over there than here. But that doesn’t mean I forgot the survivetheark website. On this thread i’ll be now posting the dossier’s of the OC creatures in my story over here. Every 3 creatures that get added i’ll post new dossiers for them. And I will start it off with these first 3 creatures. Enjoy!


Common Name: Diprotodon

Species: Diprotodon comitatus

Time: Pleistocene

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Docile


Wild: D.comitatus are the largest marsupials found on the island. Around the size of modern day rhinos, these giants are common in the grasslands where they forage for food. Normally peaceful, these giant wombats get aggressive only when the young are in danger (in the case of females), or when a male sees you near a herd.


Known Information: D.comitatus has the ability to preserve stamina and keep a steady pace for longer periods. That means despite their slower pace than some of the creatures around its size it is able to keep moving much longer without losing much energy in the process.


Domesticated: Due to its ability to reserve stamina and also carry large amounts of materials, The Diprotodon is a useful creature for transportation of materials over long distances. And unlike some transport creatures, these giant marsupials are able to handle themselves in a fight, able to charge and knock over creatures as big as Carnos. I’ve seen one take down a full grown Allosaurus once.


Common Name: Moa

Species: Dinornis magnacursor

Time: Late Pleistocene to Holocene

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Skittish


Wild: Dinornis magnacursor is a giant flightless bird found in the drier forests of the island. With females growing between 10-15 feet in height but males much smaller, these large birds are actually quite skittish for their size. If they are threatened by means they run into the safety of the forest where larger predators can’t catch them.

Known Information: Like our world Moa’s these species are primarily preyed upon by giant birds of prey. But instead of the Haast’s Eagle of New Zealand, their main predator is the giant Argentavis. This has caused the Moa’s to migrate away from mountain's or high altitude places where these giant predatory birds live.

          The giant Moa is know to eat a wide assortment of vegetation to support its large size. It's also proficient at finding particular types of food, which type depends on the particular Moa.


Domesticated: The Moa is an excellent scouting mount, if you can catch it. Do to their skittish nature, some tribesmen have developed a sort of “ghillie suit” out of plants that calm the Moa’s down so they can approach them and tame them. Due to their long legs they are able to cover distance in a short amount of time. They can also be trained to look for certain types of ingredients that can benefit a tribe’s well being.


Common Name: Gorgonopsid

Species: Inostrancevia umbravenanda

Time: Permian

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Patient


Wild: Not much is known about the rare I.umbravenanda. Rarely seen but widespread throughout the island, this predatory reptile is a deadly killer. Hiding amongst the trees of the island, these reptiles can leap down on unsuspecting prey at any given moment, biting down on the neck and killing them instantly. They are also highly intelligent, able to come of with plans to complete the kill.


Known Information: The silent predator is know to store its prey in the trees so scavengers wouldn’t be able to find its food. Despite it technically being a reptile, it has many mammalian characteristics that allow it to adapt to any environment, allowing its widespread habitat.


Domesticated: These predators are extremely difficult to tame, partially owing to their secret nature and their high intelligence. But i have heard rumors of someone that managed to befriend one………

  All I can assume the major use of one as some sort of assassin. With their ability to sneak around unseen and using their brain to find ways to complete a task, a gorgonopsid can change the course of events; either bring peace or war to tribes.

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