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Printable Crafting Charts


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Hello Arkians,

I've been playing Ark on the Xbox since day 1 it was on the console market. I haven't been on many multiplayer servers yet, but I do host a map for a Gamer Group BTI (Big Test Icicles) and/or NBG (Natural Born Gamers). We are considering jumping to PC for better hosting capabilities at some point. Hopefully the console will get better (tether sucks!) but it's been an awesome experience playing to this point. I checked out some of the apps for crafting and items, but I'm old school, I still like to print. 

I created some crafting charts for Kibble, Dyes, Meals and Ingredients the tribe has been using. I just updated the files and thought others might like to use/share them. The google drive is open to anyone with the link. I will be uploading some more maps shortly for those that like to graph the environment (mark locations, notes, etc). Open to suggestions on the charts. The map I found on the Wiki, I added some graphics to them for quick reference. 



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