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pvp NEW MAP: 07.11 Arksanity.com 10x [Weekend.PvP]


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••• 10x Taming ••• 10x Harvest ••• 10x XP •••


This is a long-term, cost-free server. It auto-updates, meaning it doesn't really require maintenance. It'll run forever, kinda. But without players, there's no "real" server. Therefore we gladly adjust settings and add mods to the wishes of our players!


New Map:
07.11.2018,08:00 (CET)

Map changed to Extinction!

Map Migration:
06.04.2018,18:00 (CET)

Map changed from TheIsland to TheCenter!


12.02.2018,18:00 (CET)



Join Arksanity by clicking link below:


Server Settings:

  • Difficulty: 5
  • Player Max Level Vanilla
  • Dino Max Level Vanilla
  • 10x Harvest
  • 10x Taming
  • 10x XP
  • 10x Hatching
  • 10x Maturation
  • 2x Loot Quality
  • Increased Player/Dino Stats
  • Player Map Location Enabled
  • Structure Decay Enabled
  • Admin Logging Enabled
  • Third Person Enabled
  • Crosshair Enabled
  • Gamma Enabled
  • All Engrams
  • 100 Minutes Daytime
  • 20 Minutes Nighttime
  • 50% HP/DMG on Bosses
  • 3x Element Drop from Bosses
  • Tekgrams Auto-Unlock at lvl 100
  • 4x Turret vs Dino DMG (weekday only)
  • 10x Structure Resistance (weekday only)


Server Mods


Server Rules


Server Settings







Server Longevity
This is a cost-free, long-term server that auto-updates, and has daily offsite backups. While not the best hardware in the world, definitely not for running an ARK-server, it is at least 100% free. The server-rack is currently stationed at a home address on 1 gigabit fiber connection. Since there is no monthly cost for me to run this server, it will run until someone or something dies…

Inactive Admin
I was an active admin… as I am not as frequently playing ARK, getting in-game admin-help may take a while. Usually always available on Discord if you have any questions, issues or requests. Also, admin logging is enabled, so whenever I do anything admin-related, you’ll see all the commands I use. If admin abuse is something you are worried about, you can always host your own server…

Server Wipe
We try to avoid wipe as much as possible, but can never guarantee for mods corrupting the save-file. So far we’ve only had 1 real wipe since starting in October 2016. This was due to relocation of the server-rack in October 2017, which combined with raiding resulted in all players leaving. At that time we were running the discontinued mod Dino Color Plus, which was one of the major reasons for a wipe (converting all creatures to vanilla was way too much of a hassle). There may however be map migrations, like in April 2018 when we migrated from The Island to The Center…

Survival History
Unable to kick the horrible ARK-addiction when the Arkoholics server we played on suddenly closed back in 2015, we quickly started Arksanity on a gaming laptop. There it ran with somewhat high player count from October 2015 until February 2016 when “Thai” saw better use for his laptop. While Arksanity has lived on various IPs and hardware, the name, the addiction, the raptoring addiction keeps on forever…


I use the term “we” as I always ask active players what they prefer, but it is still a dictatorship, regardless if I am actively playing or not…


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